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So since I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people about my renovation of my airstream I thought I would share some of the  technical & design Airstream Resources I have found helpful. Most people know that I’m not a plumber, cabinet maker, electrician or RV- Airstream specialist. And I never claimed to be. BUT with the internet YOU CAN LEARN.  All it takes is the will to research and ask questions. No? How do you think I learned Photography??? Enjoy. Hope it helps


Like I said in my post on utilizing tools such as PINTEREST, this project is no exception. Yes I have a PINTEREST BOARD for all my cool findings of Airstreams that inspire me in some way.

You learn quick who are the rock stars in any field as soon as you dig into it. These are a few that I have found and have greatly helped me just by all they share on the net. Both of these guys have been really gracious to respond to my questions too. Respect!

Matthew Hofmann & Hofmann Architecture – Close to my age and super skills this architecture in my mind has changed the game as to what a home on wheels can look like. Much more minimalist, functional and clean designs. Just google his name and read all the cool interviews about his design start.

Craig Dorsey – Master Builder & Designer.  (Check out his Masterpieces Here) This guys is the DaVinci of airstream restorations. Seriously, One of those guys that basically can do anything with a cool vehicle. His work on the FarmLab project has GREATLY helped me to see his workflow since my 34′ Airstream is the same generation and work needed.

More cool Airstream projects at the bottom!


Not only does Matthew Hofmann design and build great airstreams but he also gives so much back to this community. Serious time and effort went into all his HOW TO video. BIGGGGG Thanks to Matthew. I’ve learned a ton from these


A necessary evil that you must at least learn the basics of when you work a project like this. (which I didn’t when I started) Sometimes you don’t feel like paying some guy to come out every time something doesn’t work or it’s just nice to know a bit to take a stab at fixing something yourself….you might surprise yourself! The 2 blogs below greatly helped me in learning what is what and which gear to choose since I’m completely redoing the system in mine. YES I will have an electrician verify everything is solid, but this way his time is minimal (Hopefully).

RV ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 101  AC-DC, Watts, Amps, Volts, Solar, Hook Ups, etc.

RV Electrical Upgrades – Batteries, Inverters, Solar, Surge Guards, etc


I said it before, when I purchased my Airstream I joined a family & Community ( maybe cult).  A MASSIVE (& Free) Support group is online and willing to give pointers on almost every type of procedure, equipment, and protocol of Airstream’s 83 years of generations of various models. If you have questions, AIR FORUMS is where you look to read and ask!

VINTAGE AIRSTREAM is also a pretty cool online resource for learning


ABLE & BAKER Retro Remodel

TIMELESS Travel Trailers

T.W. Pitchers Office Airstream






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