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HELLLOOO FROM THE ROAD! Ok so I’m less than a month on the road now and I can tell that I have 2 major expenses. Fuel and Park Fees. So I thought I’d share a few things I have picked up on. One most everybody can use, the other is for the ones that journey by road.


A. is for most everybody, since we all drive cars that use fuel. Shell’s FUEL REWARDS NETWORK. Here’s how and why.

  1. It’s Free, just sign up or snag a card at a shell station
  2. You rack up points just shopping online through the same stores you do anyways.(Best Buy, Apple, Home Depot, Banana Republic, Travelocity) Christmas is coming, ! Some stores you even get double and triple the points!
  3. Save Money on Fuel!
  4. DUH

For me it’s major. If you can save 50+ cents off per gallon then that beats any other station hands down. Same deals you get online at the stores you shop at already. STRATEGY BONUS, (are you ready?!) use your credit cards that already have rewards, ex. am ex American Airlines, to pay for them and you are now scoring miles and gas money! BOOM! Mind Blown. Nothing wrong with being smart with shopping!

B. Is more for the rv trailer crowd. 2 networks of parks and awesome places to stay!


Passport America. I was skeptical but for 44$ a year its not THAT big of a risk. The savings is about 50% off park rates! after 2 or 3 days it pays for itself. For full timers that is huge, even if you don’t stay at their park 100% thats a good amount of savings. I’ve now saved way more than what the membership costs me, and its not 2nd rate campsites. Great investment for sure!

Harvest Hosts. I cannot wait to use this one! It’s for self sufficient RV’s and trailers only….NO sewage dumping! BUT WHYYYYYY BRAUN?? Because you are invited to stay at awesome places FOR FREE (other than your 40$ a year membership) like vineyards, farms, Breweries, and Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (probably). What a special experience to add to your journey. It’s a great way for small businesses like these to let people in to their daily life, so you gotta respect their openness to their world.

I hope this helped and if you are new to life on the road like I am, or even considering it, perhaps this even excites you.

Next Blog will be on Acadia National Park! I’m editing photos so you don’t get bored with me! CHEERS


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Be Well, Go Far, Dream BIG!


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