Super Car Shoot Preview


Recently I got to do a shoot that my 8 year old self would have given me a major high five for. The ladies (cars): Ferrari California, Maserati GranCabrio, and the Tony Stark car herself…the Audi R8 Spyder.  The shoot was for my friends here in Dallas, SPEED DREAMS LLC. and we had a great time shooting.

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In these photos you can see I used my trusty profoto 7b battery packs and pro heads.



..Before You Fight!


Wisdom of the Day: You might want to figure out who you are fighting and what are you really fighting about BEFORE you start swinging, physically-emotionally-or legally. Cheers!

Why I Don’t Live In Japan!


The Japanese are absolutely ruthless with their pranks. Glad we’re not that creative with our television programming.

Tom Ford


There are few people that impress me as much as Tom Ford. The man is a design genius. At 30 he took over Gucci when it was on the serious decline and not only designed the fashion lines but also the advertising and even the stores!  I posted this video about him because A. I feel it is so important to study talented people outside your profession, (Like photography)  and B. Because even he says in this video that he feels his success has come from his work ethic! (NOT AMAZING NATURAL TALENT, which he has)

“My creative drive is an obsession, perfectionism is almost an illness with me….you can only control so much you just have to let go, you’re not really in control of anything, of life, the older I get I learn that”

“Do things first and then talk about them”

Ford remains on my top 20 people to photograph their portrait.


These fantastic words are for all the photographers and creatives just starting out! I might have to watch this everyday. I don’t care how big of the shoot I get to do, I still feel like the new kid on the block that has something to prove. This can be good or bad and everything thing is perspective.

Thank you IRA GLASS for you’re encouragement and wisdom!

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