The Fear and the Faith


It’s so close to being on the journey with the airstream. The questions have been catapulted from friends and strangers lately  “Are You Scared?” Are you worried!?” Of course I brush it off like “Absolutely not” and 95% of the time I’m good. Yes I’m ready to start an adventure but as it began to get closer it becomes extremely real. I’m leaving the house I’ve been in longer than I’ve lived at since I left my mother’s house when I was young. HELL Yes, there is your answer. The unknown is scary for sure.  more thoughts…

Personally I’m at an age where 90% of my friend my age are married and a good solid 60% of them have kids. Another 20-30% will join that crowd in less than 5 years. And here I am giving away most of my belongings for most would consider a “Gypsy” lifestyle. It can feel like I’m going backwards. I’m 31 and going the opposite way of a secure lifestyle. But “typical” has never been a theme of my life I’d say. Not for better or for worse. Just unusual.

Professionally it is about 50-50% whether this is brilliant and positive or a death sentence for my career. The advertising world is a tough tough one. You get to a level where everybody is legit so it helps to stand out. This COULD be an angle to do just that. Lord knows my dancing skills haven’t. Adventure pulls at everybody’s hearts. I’m doing my research into ad agencies in the cities on my route and scheduling “portfolio & margaritas with the airstream” fun for them. Get them out of the office. This WILL be no doubt a way to get some amazing footage while devoting a serious amount of time at each location. Surprisingly I’ve picked up a few clients with things they need shot that I can prioritize my route around. These projects might not justify a special big budget shoot that includes airfare and the days, but if I can roll in and shoot them along the way it saves the client money. Of course I will continue to fly out for projects just like I do here in Dallas.

The WORRY. Art Directors like to work with people they like and are close to them. Yes I’ve built a name in Dallas but with me leaving “out of sight out of mind.”  This is scary but like Mad Men said, “The day you start signing clients is the when you start losing clients”  It’s a business and I get that and Loyalty is rare in this industry. They come and they go. Part of it.

At the end of it, When the fear is gripping me and I’m saying to myself in the mirror WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? I look back at all the moments where I really grew and changed me. It wasn’t the little steps in my comfort zone. It was the big big out of the nest “you better fly” moves that made me. That gives me peace or at least the willingness to try. So much grace and wisdom from amazing people have made this project possible. I spent a lot of time with the people that have been on this earth much longer than I have and they tell me the same things. It’s not the comfortable years in the same house and job they think about, it was the unknown parts when nothing was guaranteed. I’m scared, absolutely. But I’m more excited. Fear is not Faith. Fear can paralyze you or make you sharper. It will work out.

My biggest regrets are the things that I did not try for. That I assumed wouldn’t work. If you never try one thing is absolutely certain…NOTHING.

Does anybody else relate? What do you think.


Be Well, Go Far, Dream Big.

“It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; Who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who, at the worst, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

President Theodore Roosevelt

Thank you to all those that supported my kickstarter project. Unfortunately it did not reach it’s goal amount. I plan to pursue a single private backer approach. thank you again.

Be Well, Go Far, Dream Big


Press Release for Xplorer Series


Dream Big, Be Well, Go Far

  1. -Dallas Based Photographer Brian Braun
  2. -Redesigns & renovates 34′ Airstream himself
  3. -Plans to travel the U.S.A. for 2 years
  4. -Main destinations National Parks
  5. -Photography Series of NASA Mercury Mission Space Suit in Landscapes across the country


“Brian Braun is a Dallas based commercial advertising photographer whose work has taken him from the wilderness of Africa, past the Arctic Circle and to the red carpets of Hollywood. His subjects range from high end sports cars, private jets, Olympic sprinters, super athletes, architecture etc, etc. On the side, his love for big fun recently featured his hometown Dallas in one of the biggest Harlem Shake videos in the country at Klyde Warren Park!

The Xplorer Series by Brian Braun

Last year Braun purchased an Airstream trailer and named it Wanderlust with the plan of after it’s redesign construction in July to journey the United States for close to 2 years. Spending most of the time shooting at iconic American locations like National Parks (Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Acadia and Glacier, to name a few), monuments and other points of interest. Brian adds, “I figure since I am single and without kids I want to do, see, and shoot as much as I can in between my commercial career.”

For the past several years Braun has envisioned creating a photography series with what he deems “the coolest astronaut spacesuit ever”, the metallic silver suit from the NASA Mercury missions. “Growing up as a child in the 80’s I’ve always been crazy about the movie The Right Stuff. It was such an important time in the world when America assembled the country’s best pilots to go into space and make history. An Astronaut is a symbol without preference of gender, skin color, race, or religion. It can be anybody, therefor I hope to inspire anybody and everybody”

Looking to the crowd fundraising site, he hopes the community will believe in his vision and empower him to create an iconic visual series that will inspire and mesmerize all ages for years to come. Brian looks to create a large fine art photography series of amazing visuals involving the diverse and beautiful landscape terrains of the United States featuring the character he named “The Xplorer”. He exclaims “only sci fi movie storyboards can remotely communicate what my vision is for this series” The majority of the project’s funding will go to hire a professional Hollywood movie prop company to make the exact Mercury mission replica space suit. At the end of his tour he will produce a number of art gallery exhibits across the country (starting in his hometown Dallas) as well as publish a large fine art book.

Though loaded with big dreams, this Texan stays humble, “I’m not rich or famous by any means but words can’t describe how grateful I am for this life.” One can’t help but wish Brian the sentiment he repeats fondly “Dream Big, Be Well, and Go Far”.

 Media Released images for Promotion of Xplorer Series & Airstream Project only


Thank you for your help with this project


Please click here to check out my Kickstarter. Thank you for all the support over the years!

I’m very excited to announce my Kickstarter campaign for a very special personal project that has been in my head and heart for the last 3 years. It’s always been a dream of mine to create a large sureal series of photographs centered around a character.  The campaign’s purpose is to fund the purchase of a prop (SPACE SUIT) for a LARGE fine art series I will shoot along my travels in my airstream. (you read that right, Space Suit) The Space Man character, The Xplorer, will be found in a variety of landscapes that I will shoot in many of the country’s national parks over the course of 2 years.  I’ve come up with a pretty awesome range of rewards  from Polaroids, prints, and to a very cool book that includes your name in it on a special Thank You page!

This was not such an easy thing for me honestly. It’s hard to put yourself out there as a creative, to ask people to believe in you enough to pull out their hard earned money. But if you believe in the project enough you just have to go for it! It’s only been live for about 35 hours and I’m blown away by the amazing pledges and abundant positive feedback I’ve gotten!

To be honest the timing is extremely hard for me to grasp because literally 1 hour after the campaign went live did I learn on the  Tornado devastation in Oklahoma. Such horrible loss. Words can’t begin to describe how much I love that I live in this country that rises to help its people in a time of crisis. (government and individuals)  SO LET ME BE CLEAR! First and foremost, I ask you to consider giving to one of the disaster relief organizations for the Oklahoma Tornado victims. Then after that if you still want to be involved in making this project become a reality then I would be extremely grateful.

  • Text “Storm” to 80888 –> $10 to Salvation Army
  • Text “Redcross” to 90999 –> $10 to Red CRoss Disaster Relief 
  • Text “Food” to 32333 –> $10 to OK Regional Food Bank


After meditating on it quite a bit after I learned about the tragedy I was still left with the feeling I truly believe this project will inspire lots of people  with its visuals. I’m not saying it’s going to rebuild that town, that is underway already. But it’s important to stay inspired! To spur the imagination.

Please click here to check out my Kickstarter. Thank you for all the support over the years!

Deadly Tornados, Plant explosions, Marathon Bombings, school shootings, theater massacres. We’re beaten up but NOT BEAT. Rise through love!



Shutterbug Book.


A few years ago a talented writer approached me to use me, a photographer based in Dallas, as the basis for his main character in his new thriller novel. It sounded like fun so we spent the next couple of years talking about the technical aspects of photography as he wrote to help give the novel the best feel of a real photographer. It’s a really fun book, especially if you are into photography, murder, scandals, action, adventures, Dallas, America…etc. Now the only thing to worry about is Who Will Play Me In The Movie?? Who do you think should? (smiles). Be sure and read the book description below!

ShutterBug Book. Brian Braun


“Brian Braun, a local Dallas photographer, believes he’s hit Pulitzer pay-dirt when he receives an unusual call for an extraordinary photo shoot from a U.S. Senator.  Afterward, however, Braun comes to realize his photographs have done more than record history.  He’s recorded one of the greatest hoaxes and politically devastating scandals that breeches beyond the boundaries of Watergate.  The hoax is perpetrated on the American people by a private security firm that specializes in high profile political murder.  Relying on his own streetwise wits, Braun has less than forty-eight hours to stay a step ahead of a highly motivated death squad and keep from being branded by history as the next Lee Harvey Oswald.”


We’ve been asked to do a duo book signing soon so snatch up a copy (YES one made of real paper)! Buz is a really neat guy who has taught in public schools and Art Institutes, connected to some seriously powerful people, (FBI, CIA etc) but also down to earth. Below is a portrait I did for his author bio.


Be Well, Go Far


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