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This past month has been a one of randomness. I turned 27. I got the new Annie Leibovitz at Work for xmas….and I love…GO SNAG IT. I can’t say much other than I am very blessed! Here are a few fun shots and other cool stuff as usual.

Annie Leibovitz answers 10 questions for Time magazine. See Video Here

You all know I’ve never been much of a snob to other fact I think that with our digital age we benefit greatly of watching others. I caught this video about this guy and his amazing work and had to post it. Love his style.

Swat Team Photoshoot from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.

I’ve been a hardcore Nikon guy for years now. I grew up on them and love how their built. NOT knocking Canon or Sony at all, several hero’s of mine shoot both. I mentor of mine told me one time, “Remember we are light years away from anything Ansel Adams ever dreamed of, and he’s still the king.” I still believe that. So the long anticipated big megapixel (24) sensor came out of the closet after what seemed an eternity of myths and rumors….the Nikon D3x. (At the price of $8,000 US). And no it does not have any video function at all (compared to Canon’s new 5d mark II which is 21 mp and throws 1080p (2800. US). You would have thought somebody shot Santa on TV by the response that everybody is making. I myself am personally “surprised” by Nikon’s effort in functionality and competitive pricing… BUT after reading a blog interview with Moose Peterson I have a different take on it. Basically: though we wish it did more and cost LESS, nobody is holding a gun to our heads to buy it. If you need it and can afford it…Get it….If you can’t afford it, then don’t! That simple. Their company, their pricing…deal with it. When you get hired on at Nikon, then you might have a say that changes things, but we can’t help you…so quit whining. No Excuses…Go Shoot! Geeze. I’m gonna post this video in response to all the whiners…Have fun.

Oh! and me being the super nerd that I am. I saw this trailer and couldn’t focus on anything the rest of the movie. It’s the movie about Wolverine’s (X-men) history. enjoy!


Braun….and Patton
Dallas Based Photographer

First of all let me say how thankful I am for this year. My life has done a complete 180 and I consider myself extremely blessed. From new friends, to great mentors, to business opportunities…I am so grateful to be where I am. Please don’t ever give up on your dreams, tomorrow could be the day that everything turns around. Idea, I want to be more of a resource for you guys. What would be more helpful information for you guys? PLEASE comment and let me know.

Fun Stuff lately, I’v been going crazy with different (how I like it) styles of shooting lately. I was asked by a high end women’s fashion designer to shoot runway shots for them during a partnership event. I was told to be aware that the venue had hired 2 other shooters and to stay out of their way. When I showed up I found out from the guys that they had been hired more as actors, to look like paparazzi (for excitement in the atmosphere). I was shocked to find out that the client didn’t event want their shots! interesting. Mine on the other had did! haha. It was a lot of fun. They also had some rope acrobats flying around. I asked them if they did birthdays…teehee. Moral of the story, you never know what your gonna find on a shoot. Lighting info: bouncing an sb800 off the ceiling

Lighting info: SB800 through a small softbox on top of the camera

The next week I was off to Virginia to see my brother Geoff who is a Navy man. I actually got to tour the submarine he works on (bad news, NO CAMERA’S ALLOWED). My hat is off to those men that can handle that working environment. If I spend for than 4 hours in a cubicle I tear down the walls with a fury that is unmeasurable….these guys put up with each other (roughly 140 on the ship) for 3 months at a time. That could mean without getting off the boat for 3 months! As usual I am a moron and didn’t pack with the idea that other places might actually have different weather than Texas…needless to say I froze my butt off. Hence his huge warm layers, and I’m out there looking cool sniffling like a little girl. I like the area though, hopefully I can return during the summer.

This weekend I have been shooting some product shots for a high end party rental company. Yes I know it is not the most glamorous, but it requires a different way of thinking to shoot products…plus the clients are crazy cool.

Lighting info: 2 AB1600 stobe’s through large softboxes behind the subject (left and right) through softboxes, also ring flash HIGH and behind the camera a decent ways

Other Rad Stuff I have found.

Call me silly but I thought Iron Man was one of the greatest films this year, if not ever in comic book history. I liked that the main character “Tony Stark” was not perfect. (in the comic books he was a huge alcoholic and slight drug addict)…makes him a hero with a past. I dig…but I’m drifting. I was PLEASANTLY surprised to find that Jeff Bridges (yes the actor) is a photographer, and shot a great deal of behind the scenes photographs with his widelux. DEFINITELY WORTH THE LOOK. Despite having one of the coolest photography site’s I have ever seen, I also realllllly dig his shots as well. I would really love to have a print (Iron Monger) for Christmas…most of you guys know I’m into gadgets and big boy toys…what says over the top gadget guy like a huge robot? I had no idea how cool he is, major cool points for being something else besides a great actor.

I’ve always loved good graffiti art. When I saw this…I flipped. Just the time and dedication this would take demands mad props. You can learn more about the artist and find links to download hi-res versions of MUTO on If you really dig it, click on his link to make a donation. Hey, just go there. It’s an incredibly creative website.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Keep the FAITH!

Dallas Based Photographer

Have fun with what you do.


I’ve been getting to do a lot of fun shoots lately. Last weekend I went out to an old friend’s (and former college Boss’s) ranch. His son Andrew showed a great deal of interest in learning to shoot, which was cool because last time I saw him he was 4 and screaming with the new hulk fists i got him for his bday. I have to say this guy was a trooper. We set up some Alien bee’s on either side of his big red 4 wheeler and took turns shooting each other jumping off. I quickly learned I am not as young as I used to be after 10 jumps off that thing, he was still laughing and ready to go after his 50th!

STROBIST INFO. 2 AB1600’s through white umbrellas at left and right. simple but awesome.

I told him to jump off the 4 wheeler and do something crazy. What does he do? SUPER BELLY FLOP!!! I still fall down laughing everytime I see this shot.


I order my new business cards from a I was really concerned about the quality but they turned out so much better than I could have hoped for. People love them. The mini cards are pretty sweet too.

RED Trumps again with the ULTIMATE DSLR that shoots HD VIDEO. I’ll give you a quick run down on this bad boy. You want to shoot 24mp images at 100 frames per second? OK. And you want the system to be 100% modular so you never have to buy an entirely new “camera” again? Check. And, you probably want to use all your Nikon, or Canon, or PL mount lenses too? No problem. It looks like Batman’s camera. I want one….bad. look at the specs of RED‘s DSMC,

Stephen Alvarez has been shooting awesome cave pictures for a very long time and here’s a cool video about a book project he’s working on:

“The Goal of the Picture is to make you feel something about the experience the photographer was having at the time. Whether it’s fear or whether it’s awe, or fear AND awe, or just wonder.”

Earth From Below from Stephen Alvarez on Vimeo.

The CW has a show called In Harms Way where they do episodes on dangerous jobs and one happens to be war photographer. I was just going to check it out and see if it’s any good. This means a lot to me because I plan on going oversea’s to shoot for various causes in a few years.You can watch full episodes (here). The full show is def worth the watch. Here’s a trailer for the show:

Photojournalist David Burnett (Contact Press Images, New York) shows you the ups and downs of what it was REALLY like to try and photograph the Games of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. This guy is awesome! This is a good video on the life of a traveling editorial shooter on assignment. LOVE IT!

The Olympics You Didn’t See from David Burnett on Vimeo.


BRAUN…and Patton
Dallas based Photographer

The community was inspired by PostSecret, a blog where people anonymously mail postcards containing their secrets to Frank Warren, the site’s founder. Warren believes the internet can bring people together in new ways and offers the opportunity for anyone to make a positive impact on the world.

The white-hat rendezvous grew out of an anonymous postcard on the blog that read, “I take comfort in the darkness of the movie theater, waiting for someone else to come alone, too. I know you’re out there. Maybe some day we’ll meet.

Thousands have exposed themselves anonymously on PostSecret. There are no rules accompanying the simple premise: Your secret can be dirty, malicious, stupid or light-hearted. Warren will post it, and no one will judge.

What’s more, PostSecret doesn’t cost Warren a penny. And the PostSecret community has raised $500,000 for 1-800-SUICIDE, a suicide prevention hot line. Warren said there are plenty more opportunities for people to benefit society using the internet as a tool.

“PostSecret was just one simple, crazy idea, but I think there are 1,000 or 10,000 other ideas out there right now as good as PostSecret or better — just waiting for that one person to believe in it and make it happen,” Warren said.


Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo.

Keep the Faith!

Dallas Based Photographer



Recently I had the cool experience of attending a short film’s private premier. And what made this even more rad is that my buddy Chris Upton directed it with his new partnership with some friends. These have submitted this film to THE SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL! Talk about going for it. I’m seriously considering going to the viewing in Utah.

What do they call their new venture?? PIROOTS! Love it. Who doesn’t like Pirates (thanks to Mr. Depp’s fantastic cinema performances)…and they acknowledge their roots that got them here. I feel these guys have a huge future with this….one day I will be like “I swear Chris and I used to hang out! and people will be like, WHATEVER BRAUN” …I’m drifting.

Check out the intro to their short film, “Deal”.

Deal Intro from Chris Upton on Vimeo.

I have to give mad props to these guys to actually have the b…ravery to go after their dreams. Almost everybody hopes to start something new with a few good friends and make it big, or just make it work. I really believe these guys will do both.

Keep the Faith!

Dallas Based Photographer

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