Follow-Up to my last. James Nachtwey delivers his project, to TED for his work to help the world and create awareness to a new, drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis that’s touching off a global medical crisis…XDR-TB. And to follow Nachtwey’s wishes, please share it with your friends and learn 3 vital ways to take action to stop XDR-TB.


For the past three decades, James Nachtwey has devoted himself to documenting wars, conflicts and critical social issues, working in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, South Africa, Russia, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Romania, Brazil and the United States.

Nachtwey has been a contract photographer with Time since 1984. However, when certain stories he wanted to cover — such as Romanian orphanages and famine in Somalia — garnered no interest from magazines, he self-financed trips there. He is known for getting up close to his subjects, or as he says, “in the same intimate space that the subjects inhabit,” and he passes that sense of closeness on to the viewer.

In putting himself in the middle of conflict, his intention is to record the truth, to document the struggles of humanity, and with this, to wake people up and stir them to action.

“Reticent about discussing his own life beyond the basic facts, he’s clearly one of those rare characters who focus singularly on their work with a missionary-like sense of purpose.”


Genius is as Genius as does


Do you ever find out about somebody that you seem like they should have told you who this was when you were born? Like everybody knows who this is and you have somehow…by some miracle blundered through life while managing to be completely ignorant of this remarkable person. This is how I felt when I read on Vincent Laforet’s blog about James Nachtwey.

This man has captured images of the world that is beyond imagination. I am not saying, “he is a good photographer….go check out his stuff”. That would be an insult to him. This man has seen us as a species and cultures live in a way that cannot be described…then managed to shoot photos at the same moment (while I would be huddled in a ball crying and asking God why he doesn’t flood the earth once more because of what we as humans do to each other). You listen to the man and realize you could take pretty much anything he says and cast it in bronze and post it in the any museum to be remembered forever. I admit that I have never heard of him, but I had seen many of his images…and will remain forever changed by his work. (mark of a great photojournalist)

Here is a reference on the man’s approach. At a portfolio review that he was giving years ago to someone else – (after looking through that person’s portfolio quietly page by page, closing the book and making a single comment before concluding the review right then and there and moving onto the next student, is: “I’m afraid that these pictures don’t tell me anything about who you are.”

For anybody that loves cultures, photography, photojournalism, people, news, philanthropy…or just need to realize that we are not all stuck in the bubble of the suburbs and latte’s. Check this out. Not for the faint of heart

“I’m working on a story that the world needs to know about.
I wish for you to help me break it, in a way that provides spectacular proof
of the power of news photography in the digital age.”

On October 3, the story breaks. You can help. (CLICK)

Many Blessings to you my friends.


Livin My Dream


I was doing some post and watching Farm Aid, when I suddenly realized it was quiet enough for me to bust another one out for you….the people I love. How are you?? Exciting stuff has happened. Canon just announced their SUPER BAD 5d mark II that will shoot HD 1080p video. So those that know that I am big supporter of Nikon are probably scratching your heads wondering why I am so bloody excited to announce that currently Canon has the badest boy on the block…or just more decked out…wouldn’t say it shoots the best shots. BECAUSE that means the genius’s at Nikon just got the competitive flag called out straight in their face. I expect something to come out on a pro level with the quickness. NO you will not shoot a full movie with these, but it would definitely be nice to snag footage with.

Clients and experiences. Some great…some challenging. (often the best ones are both) All wonderful parts of life. Recently I have been greatly blessed by opportunities to shoot for a major client and also capture a great friend’s most important day of her life (thus far). Every shoot offers news ways to learn…new people to meet.

Little over a week ago I was asked to go shoot in upstate New York for a major private/corporate aircraft company. I have never spent any time in that side of the country and I must admit….I am addicted!!!! Rolling hills, rivers, beautiful TALL trees…beautiful jets flying in and out of the location…my personal heaven. So when they told me they would be flying me out on their company jet…lets just say I was pretty excited. 35 hours (total gone from Dallas), 1500 shots, 2 subjects (big aircraft), 3.5 hours of sleep…..LOVE IT! (my focus doesn’t start blurring til 96+ hours without sleep, haha!) 2 different locations….and a partridge in a pear tree. Though I lost in the friendly poker to the executives on the flight back (my policy to never beat the client) It was a great time and look forward to the next shoot. Many Thanks to Forrest and Gerhard for all your help during the shoot… well as Troy for letting me sit left seat on the way back.

Just to give you an idea how big this monster was I posted up beside it.

On the way there….HOW HIGH ARE WE??

I rarely shoot weddings. Some of the most talented and amazing photographers are wedding shooters…I’m just not really one of them. (on a full time basis) But when a good friend asked me to shoot her wedding I couldn’t resist. Weddings are fast and furious. Much like an on location editorial approach, shooting as much as you can while maintaining quality… dare not miss any of those priceless moments. Its slightly different than my usual “set up the shot” (little) more organized/thought out approach… but really a great time! Changing up styles keep you sharp. Nice to do something that you know will benefit people that you are in direct contact with on a weekly basis. All of the best luck, wishes, success, and Love for you Mackenzie and Colby!

The Groom and His Ninja Merry Men

Don’t Stop Believin!

Braun…and Patton



Trememdous things are happening. Yes the world just celebrated possibly the greatest Olympics ever and yesss the US kicked off the Ultimate Historical RED VS BLUE Show Down between the republican and democratic champions. Yes indeedy things are interesting these day. HEADS UP…My new website will be up and in full effect next month as well as some realllly cool projects. I will keep you posted cherished people I love!

Ok I have to admit it. On occasion I spend some time in front of the camera as well as behind it. It’s fun….nothing more or less. Spent some time with my good friends John Harris and Michael Hawkins for an advertising campaign. Well what happens when you leave a bunch of goofball photographers to their own devices…DEVIATION!! Consequences? Well we began a conceptual Presidential Campaign: “Kissin Hands and Shaking Babies….Finally For The Better” I will post more very soon.

Chase Jarvis, one of my personal hero’s, just released a video on his secret testing that Nikon offered him with the new D90. LUCKY GUY…..Man the HD Video on this thing is SWEET. I’m not gonna lie….To be part of a team like his is my dream. Chase’s Awesome Blog and Low Down on the camera.

How do you shoot a super Addidas ad for the little tiny country of China? There’s Big and then there’s CHINA Big. Here’s HOW! Beautiful and seriously genius!

BREAKDOWN…To get THIS….You must do THIS……Good luck btw….

Want a good test of leadership and people skills?…Watch this video!

Where do you put such a great image? Where else! On the side of a huge building! Duh

I have never been much of a wedding shooter myself honestly. Can’t say why really ….with shows like Bridezillas I can’t figure out why I’m not dieing to photograph 2 people’s most important day of their lives!!!! MADD respect to the talented people that have a passion for this. BUT what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I’m always down to try something new. I came across this video and loved it’s creativity (as well as how bold the couple/BRIDE was willing to go!)

Few Recent Shots

Keep the Faith you guys!!

Braun….and Patton

A MUST KNOW Person…..You


These past days (and for the continuing next ones) the world is without doubt uber fixated on every muscle movement of the world’s greatest athletes representing their countries in The Olympics!! I am no exception. I know am not what you call a super sports fan….but the every four year super event bring cultures and life together….I can def get into that! Things I am picking up on….. Michael Phelps is a freak that might as well moon walk on the water considering how bad he spanks the competition…..but for all his respect he demands he stays extremely humble and focused. No doubt he is the greatest Olympian Athlete of all time….Go Michael!….. Also realized The Chinese KNOW How to throw a party….opening Olympic ceremony!

OK! Now that I have said my shout out….Lately I have been doing more soul searching. Yes I said it, Yes you can slap me when you see me for using such a cliche….little alone writing it down.

So why have I been digging? Why?? Probably for I am forced to after seeing people that have been forced to look at themselves. Who? Well besides the amazing young athletes representing their people ranging from as young as 14 (US Dive Team) but also from other areas from around me.

My father called me raving about this book (The Last Lecture) about professor, Randy Pausch, whom had gotten pancreatic cancer and gave his last speech at the college he taught at. I had seen the lecture (below) but Dad went ahead and got the book. Turned out to be a great short book that had far more things to take other than the wisdom from his lecture. Think of it…. The man KNEW he was leaving his Wife and 3 kids in a short amount of time….do you think he had to serious look at (and reprogram his mindset) of how every remaining month, week, day, hour, minute, SECOND of his life was going to happen….and then happen after he was gone? I double dog dare you to really have at that mentality for 72 hours. Not trying to be overly serious or dramatic…but it’s a noteworthy challenge.

My favorite show is on tonite while I am writing you this, and of course it clicks as another reminder to focus up! The show is ICONOCLASTS…basically they throw successful people from very different careers together to see how they relate to each other’s views and common grounds in what they have picked up in their life… lame description does not do it justice. MOVING ON…..Tonite has Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer (Author of Into the Wild)….I knew very little about either of these individuals but I deeply connected with the character of the Book….which is a true story btw…..def worth the read and watch….Sean Penn directed the movie.
Christopher McCandless purposely disappeared across the country (without any money ) to take a personal journey…eventually ending up in Alaska. Sometimes we want to risk death just to clear the train tracks that our life and mind seem to be forced to ride….sometimes we just need to stop and live.

You can be raw…but you have to try. -Sean Penn

I know this is a long one, and by no means close to anything photography which I am more commonly recognized for….but I have come to realize that people living life at the top of their goals or living when they know they don’t have much left makes you focus up real quick about what are you going to do with your remaining moments…please tell me your exact number remaing….EXACTLY…This is what my old DI would say is a Priority Check!

Maybe you (or myself) are not at a time and place when we can take off and live as full as we want at the moment….but you can find your Alaska….If you look with the right eyes.

Where are you going? How are you living? What is your legacy? Where is your Alaska?

Be a blessing, be blessed.

UNTIL THE NEXT TIME all my best wishes!

Braun….and Patton

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