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Like anything, if you do something you love (like photography) but also do it for a living….you run a dangerous game of only doing it on the job. Solution….make time to shoot for yourself. Not for the art director, angry bride, or Newspaper Nazi…..

So often I find myself wondering the streets for inspiration…sometimes alone, often with friends…..a weekend’s results of late night venting.

I have always loved political media and photojournalism. Barrack Obama has raised the bar in this arena….or maybe the bar has raised for him. I’d love to meet his speech writers…Makes you want to go change the world…after you vote….Thanks Jen

Where will we stand as a nation 50 years from now? Where will we stand as a Global Generation 10 years from now? I pray still wonderfully created different, yet united responsibly with what we have inherited as only ours to care for….recognizing we too will have to live with the facts of our choices during our time.

Sincerest hope for us and for you

BRAUN….and Patton

Flying and Inspiration


Recently I was blessed to do a shoot from a helicopter…..Little known fact….I LOVE FLYING, and if I can get behind the Yoke or Stick (Aviation for steering wheel) I’m totally game! –

To try and be original is the ultimate priority (most of the time) for photographer’s. So imagine how hard that is when your stuck in the same place as every other shooter in a flying contraption.

Thanks Bill, amazing pilot!

Nascar Heaven

Just Me…A buddy’s comment about this photo made me laugh, said I looked like Chase Jarvis…one of my photography hero’s

Had to include this rad commercial from Lacoste. Can’t wait for this gear to come out! (NOTE the sweet LCD on the soles of the shoes…WHAT!!!)

QUESTION: What inspire’s you creatively. For me…I would say it’s about 50-50% (probably less) of the time between actual photography and other forms of life…videos, architecture, movies, illustrations, car designs, machines…..WHAT INSPIRES YOU?


OK before you go tearing off into his cool video’s. Props first…I have learned so much from this guy (never met before…but totally down if your reading CJ), from tech’s and spec’s of gear, to business, to philosophy and approach of concept. This guy rocks.

Have fun
…and Patton

Storms and Opportunities


It’s been a long time yes I know. Things have been crazy. Few Shot I have done lately.

I call this one Suburbia Heaven. Yes I know I need to clean my grill. Not a bad view most days

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.– Churchill
I’m still waiting for mine. haha

So lately I have been in awe of nature. Not like the bark on the tree….which is cool, BUT I’m sure you can tell by my work I am addicted to clouds. I caught these photos and stood there remembering Matt Chandler saying “Who has stood before a raging sea and felt powerful”…..I can think of 1 guy, but we can talk about that later. These are not ocean shots, but same principle applies I believe.

Created by Chile’s erupting Chaitén volcano, which started spewing lava, ash, and lightning (!) on May 3rd, after behaving itself for 9,000 years. Who angered the beast?!

From the full story in National Geographic:

“The little-understood storms may be sparked when rock fragments, ash, and ice particles in the plume collide to produce static charges–just as ice particles collide to create charge in regular thunderstorms.” The pictures, by Carlos Gutierrez of UPI/Landov, are pretty incredible. Hopefully people are staying as safe as possible. I’d love to have the 3rd one as a giant poster!

The other night I had the opportunity to shoot a really cool furniture store with John Harris and Michael Hawkins.

Question: what happens when you leave 3 photographer’s in a furniture store all night to shoot whatever they want for hours without any real set hit list……like shooting almost anything hours upon hours, you can get bored…..and what happens when you get bored? You start deviating……….Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you deviation.

(I have never seen any of these guys really drink, personally I don’t….but it’s cool if you do, within reason)

Talk to you soon. Take care


Light and Long Exposures


Short one tonight. Went to the Taste of Addison on Friday. Got some cool long exposure shots that I’ve been dying to find some rides to test on.

shoot at about f6-f8…..2-6 seconds.

Really found the trick is just playing with each shot set-up. Some rides put out more light than others. (Thanks for being patient Ryan)

have fun guys. Throw some of yours back at me when you get some!


I’m planning a trip some time the end of this year

A Third of the World’s Cranes are in Dubai

This picture was not taken from an airplane but from the world’s tallest building :THE BURJ DUBAI

Other Small Attractions:

The World Islands

The Trump International Hotel



a GOOD night


Recently I got to spend some time with a REALLY great Artist and cool guy…..Randall Good.

Just returning home from one of his New York shows with his fantastically cool wife, Anadara; He took the time to let me talk with him during one (out of 3!!!) of his daily dog walks. Randall aka Randy shared his experience and wisdom on the art world and showing in a gallery…..which was a huge blessing to a rookie like me in the art realm. Later we sat outside at their house in Denton; ate too much mexican food and conversed about all aspects of life, from art to Family Guy to traveling. Great times!

I learned so much that night, but also left realizing how important it is to surround yourself with wise people that will help you. Thanks again! Things I learned:

  • Draw/shoot/create personal art for You…. if people like it….Cool
  • Presentation will reflect on your value of the piece. Take the time to make it look like it’s worth something of professional level.
  • Take the Good and Bad Criticism, you will get both. The difference is who is looking at it and if it will help you improve
  • This is the beginning but always do your best

Highly suggest checking out some of Randall’s other stuff

Here are some of the shots I got of him….and His beautiful dogs…..Harley and Lacey; during our talk. I should pitch these to Petco or Petsmart! haha…What do you think?

CHALLENGE: Who can guess where these shots were taken… 1st to get it I will buy a coke.

Randy and the Kids…..Fisheye

Make Time for Yourself

Harley’s World

Quote of the Day: “A small flame can start a real fire better than a large neon sign.” – Fred Smith

Have fun, Talk to you guys soon.

B. A. Blessing

Braun………and Patton

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