We live in an amazing time where technology has enabled us to do what only previous generations have only dreamed of. Recently a friend showed me this video of John Butterill’s Virtual PhotoWalk. The idea is this, we can now stream video so effectively using mobile devices that we can “take” people to places with us! This is HUGE for the population that are challenged physically.

Needless to say I’m inspired! I have always wanted my upcoming trip to not just be about me so I can’t wait to do this while on the road! Does anybody have anybody specific that this would benefit? Maybe a children’s hospital special department? I would love to connect with them and start forming a game plan with my Airstream trip. Would love to do a few locally around Dallas before I leave as well.

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Start your own Virtual PhotoWalk to Share and Help Others here

Be Well, Go Far!Braun

Hey BEAUTIFUL AMAZING people. I just had a cool convo with some of the great folks of Dallas that heard about our Flash Mob. They loved the idea and enthusiasm totally, but since it is such a kid -family oriented event they were afraid that it would freak out the kids. Which I understand i guess. They asked us to respectfully bottle that energy and save it for another event…..So No dice on this flash mob. Believe me we could still do something on our own but I for one would rather keep friendships with the good people that run our fair city…we can soon do bigger stuff with them than against them. please Know that I LOVE YOU ALL….And thank you for the support.  The event is still going on, and I will be there. Just no flash mob….THIS TIME! 



victory plaza

  1. The event is 4-8pm


Talk to you soon!

The DFW Harlem Shake Video!!!!!


Check out THE DFW HARLEM SHAKE VIDEO we shot Saturday morning at the Klyde Warren Park in Dallas! Thank you to all the amazing people that came out!  I was seriously blown away by all your enthusiasm.  Watch FULL SCREEN if you can! What’s your favorite character?  (It was better than Halloween, trust me)


HUGE THANKS for helping me organize this thing…

Big Thanks to Klyde Warren Park!

Want some real fun, go to instagram and look at #dfwHarlemShake  to see all the photos from it. Great stuff!

Also check out the cool photos Penny got during the event! She was the one that started the whole party in her Daft Punk helmet and was also the one to really encourage me to do the event in the first place!

Dallas Harlem Shake Event

Dallas Harlem Shake Amazingness!


Dallas Harlem Shake

Be Well, Go Far





Everybody in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, We’re doing a MASSIVE Harlem Shake video and ALL ARE INVITED! Bring your craziest props to wear and we’ll handle the rest. Kids, College Students, Professionals, Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Cops, Photographers…We Need You!  ALL ARE WELCOME! Everybody Spread the Word!  The video will be up that night!

  • Klyde Warren Park, Downtown Dallas.   
    2012 Woodall Rodgers Freeway
    Dallas, TX 75201
  • Saturday, February 16th.  
  • 11 Am

Tweet it! Facebook it! Google +! Instagram! Foursquare! Link’d IN! SPREAD THE WORD & BRING EM OUT!




 Don’t know what a Harlem Shake is?? Watch these Hilarious Videos!

Africa, One Year Ago


Exactly one year ago I left my beloved America and headed to Africa. Africa has always been on the top of my list for as long as I could remember and nothing has captivated my attention like it since. There is nothing like Africa. It changes you no doubt and honestly I can’t explain how. No zoo or movie can compare to being hours out in the wild and seeing the animals in their domain. And even when you’re not seeing them the country speaks to you with a raw stillness and pressurized life. You seen life at its basic design, with the animals and people there. Do what you’re good at. Survive the day. Eat well if possible but be grateful if you anything at all. You won’t find nicer people than there, hands down.

I took over 10,000 photos that trip and somehow when I get the chance to go through them it still doesn’t feel like enough! It was a dream trip with experiences and new friends I will cherish for the length of my life. Needless to say, I can’t wait to go back and am forever grateful I had the opportunity to go. Here are a few of my favorite images from my trip to Africa, (South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe).

Which one is your favorite? (Sorry so many, if it takes a bit to load, I couldn’t cut the selection to less!)

photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-2-7 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-5-2 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-4-2



photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-11 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-3-2 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-8-2 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-7-2photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-6-2  photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-11-2 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-10-2   photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-4 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-3 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-1photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-7 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-12-2 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-9-2 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-8 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-9 photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-10  photographer_commercial_brianbraun_africa_blog-2-2

Be Well and Go Far!


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