The nerd world stopped for a moment when it came to light that photo community app Instagram will now have the option to sell it’s users images. WHAAAAAT?? The free social media photo community & app, recently bought by Facebook and that has surpassed twitter on activity, sell my photos?!  My heart sank a bit and Pat Green’s “All the good things fade away” started playing in my head. I’ve grown to really love Instagram, not as a photography taking app but as an online community! I’ve discovered some great photographers, connected with some amazing people that we share cool things in common (Airstream!), and even gotten jobs from it! YUP! So after much debating here is my mindset!

BTW I AM NOT A LAWYER, SO DON’T KILL ME IF YOU DON”T LIKE MY THOUGHTS. Please know, as a professional photographer that makes his living from it nothing bothers me more than others making money off my creativity.

Couple things to remember or do.

1. DEFENSE! STOMP! STOMP! DEFENSE! If the image is one you really feel like you should protect you can mark your images with great apps like BLENDER or OVER.    I’ve actually started doing this with some of my images I post because sadly I’ve found people steal them on instagram, twitter, and facebook. The Screen Grab is nothing new folks. People and I guess companies could crop that out but that would deplete the (already) low resolution image. If it comes off as a hassle the more inclined to look elsewhere it will be. Yes I know it’s a pain but it’s an answer to a problem.

2. Simply Put, if you are especially proud of the image and are extremely protective of it, OR if it is a professional one don’t put it on there! Nobody is making you do it! Keep it on your portfolio site or google + (which does not have the legal jargon allowing them to sell your images) (Who uses google+ though)

3. “lawyers often draft overly broad language to permit future business opportunities that may never arise” (from the link above). Not saying they won’t ever but what is the REAL chance you will become the new face of instagram or whatever company. And how much are they really making off of my little image. If this goes real deal big it will make instagram the largest stock photo website in the world. Lots of options means lesser prices. If fb instagram makes $1 off my low res square photo I can live with that since I’m using their free service. I look at my daily adventures and my “WORK” as different pieces. Giving somebody an insight to you as a creative is never a bad thing. All in all somebody making millions off MY iphone photos is pretty unlikely in my opinion.

4. The God theory, I once exclaimed social media to a company’s executives like this, “If God gave you the option of A. To have tools to share info or your creativity with people all over the world” or B. TO NOT have these tools, which would you choose??? Everybody said A. Share your creativity! You can keep your photos for yourself but you are only limiting your impact. In the business world they call this P.R. The choice is yours.

5. FINALLY! Please ask yourself in the end , Facebook, twitter, Instagram whatever other place you hang out, are closing these accounts and ending the community you have built worth the slim chance somebody uses one of your images ??? I can’t speak for you but the juice is worth the squeeze for me.  I love seeing my friends daily adventures or travels! I love seeing what people are up to and where they find beauty! They have constantly inspired me and pushed me. I’ll take the risk.

We may have to evolve our mindset with social media but is that really surprising in our capitalistic society. Free services have to be paid for some how. They changed, so can we. I know it’s not convenient but don’t let them ruin the party! Cheers!

What are your thoughts?




In my first blog post announcing this project, I mentioned I would be sharing my interviews & videos of some very cool guests of my Airstream Journey.  Who knows what mischief us rule breakers are gonna get into! I’m honored they will be joining me.

My first guest list are some of my visual creative buddies that I will be joining up for stretches of the Airstream journey. All of these guys are top level professionals in the photography video industry.  MANY MORE TO ANNOUNCE SOON! If you don’t know their amazing work, please check out the link on their names.  CHEERS!

(Alphabetical order)

August Bradley – Hasselblad Master Winner.  Major Photographer and Director. Fashion, Glamor, Portrait.  Jedi

Douglas Sonders – Mover Shaker.  Commercial Photographer & Director. Portrait, Automotive. Jedi

Pratik Laik – Professional Retoucher. Community Leader. Fashion, Glamor. Jedi

Robert Latorre – Great Photography Mentor of mine. Commercial Photographer & Director. Engineering Visionary. Jedi

Vincent Laforet – Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer. Superb Director & DP. Gear Master. Industry Legend. Jedi

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See you soon!  Have Fun!


R.I.P. Zig Ziglar


Today we lost a great leader of wisdom in life and business, Zig Ziglar.  If you haven’t listened to his messages or read his books you are missing out. Rest in Peace Mr. Ziglar

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

My Christmas (And BDAY) List


A lot of people write up blogs on cool gear for Christmas. So I thought I’d help you guys answer the question “What does Braun want for Christmas (And his upcoming 31st Birthday, Dec. 23rd). Most of this stuff is gear I need for my Airstream tour or that I use on every shoot. Hopefully you guys can see some stuff to ask your honey for. CHEERS!

American Flag Patriotic Zippo Lighter Polished Chrome

On the Rock Glass and Ice Ball

Gepe Card Safe / Extreme Memory Card Protector – Neon  GREAT protection for cards. Bright colors keep you from losing it

SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro CF memory card – UDMA 90MB/s 600x

Embassy Pen

Stainless Steel

Eno Double Nest Hammock Orange/Grey from Eagles Nest Outfitters – Airstream gear. Want to carry 2-4 with me for guests

Newer Technology Power2U AC Wall Outlet with USB Charging Ports (White)  Planning on installing 25-30 of these around these USB + Electrical Outlets around the Airstream! 😀

NIKE TAILWIND SHORT-SLEEVE V-NECK Awesome Shirts for shooting or all things outdoors

Polaroid Z340 3×4 Instant Digital Camera with ZINK (Zero Ink) Printing Technology

Polaroid ZINK Media 3 x 4 inch Photo Paper for Polaroid Z340 Camera and Polaroid GL10 Printer – Pack of 100

You can never have too many Memory Cards!

Asic Onitsuka White & Black (Size 10 please)  BEST SHOES EVER!

BRAUN Gents Chronograph 

Braven BZ625BGB 625s Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/PowerBank – Retail Packaging – Black

Philips ShoqBox SB7210/37 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (White)

New UGG® Australia Montgomry Chestnut boots size 10

Pro-Iroda O-Grill 3000 Portable Gas Grill – Orange

Mont Blanc StarWalker Metal Rubber Fineliner (8856)

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition HD Camera

Easton Mountain Products Kilo 3P – Ultra Light 3-Person 3-Season Backpacking Tent with Easton Carbon Fiber Poles and Airlock Connectors – 518738/SL

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak


Hasselblad H4D-50 Medium Format DSLR Camera Body Only   PLEASE OOH PLEASE OOH PLEASE SANTA!

History of Photography Infographic


Is Photography dead or has it just evolved? This infographic is too cool not to post. What do you think?  Do you consider Phone photos….photography?

Thx to source Fstoppers

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