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So since I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people about my renovation of my airstream I thought I would share some of the  technical & design Airstream Resources I have found helpful. Most people know that I’m not a plumber, cabinet maker, electrician or RV- Airstream specialist. And I never claimed to be. BUT with the internet YOU CAN LEARN.  All it takes is the will to research and ask questions. No? How do you think I learned Photography??? Enjoy. Hope it helps


Like I said in my post on utilizing tools such as PINTEREST, this project is no exception. Yes I have a PINTEREST BOARD for all my cool findings of Airstreams that inspire me in some way.

You learn quick who are the rock stars in any field as soon as you dig into it. These are a few that I have found and have greatly helped me just by all they share on the net. Both of these guys have been really gracious to respond to my questions too. Respect!

Matthew Hofmann & Hofmann Architecture – Close to my age and super skills this architecture in my mind has changed the game as to what a home on wheels can look like. Much more minimalist, functional and clean designs. Just google his name and read all the cool interviews about his design start.

Craig Dorsey – Master Builder & Designer.  (Check out his Masterpieces Here) This guys is the DaVinci of airstream restorations. Seriously, One of those guys that basically can do anything with a cool vehicle. His work on the FarmLab project has GREATLY helped me to see his workflow since my 34′ Airstream is the same generation and work needed.

More cool Airstream projects at the bottom!


Not only does Matthew Hofmann design and build great airstreams but he also gives so much back to this community. Serious time and effort went into all his HOW TO video. BIGGGGG Thanks to Matthew. I’ve learned a ton from these


A necessary evil that you must at least learn the basics of when you work a project like this. (which I didn’t when I started) Sometimes you don’t feel like paying some guy to come out every time something doesn’t work or it’s just nice to know a bit to take a stab at fixing something yourself….you might surprise yourself! The 2 blogs below greatly helped me in learning what is what and which gear to choose since I’m completely redoing the system in mine. YES I will have an electrician verify everything is solid, but this way his time is minimal (Hopefully).

RV ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 101  AC-DC, Watts, Amps, Volts, Solar, Hook Ups, etc.

RV Electrical Upgrades – Batteries, Inverters, Solar, Surge Guards, etc


I said it before, when I purchased my Airstream I joined a family & Community ( maybe cult).  A MASSIVE (& Free) Support group is online and willing to give pointers on almost every type of procedure, equipment, and protocol of Airstream’s 83 years of generations of various models. If you have questions, AIR FORUMS is where you look to read and ask!

VINTAGE AIRSTREAM is also a pretty cool online resource for learning


ABLE & BAKER Retro Remodel

TIMELESS Travel Trailers

T.W. Pitchers Office Airstream






The Power Of Quiet


What do you think? What would you consider yourself? An introvert or extrovert?

The world is full of noise and those that are the loudest are the ones we tend to follow but what about the quiet ones?

Author Susan Cain shines a spotlight on introverts and reveals how over time our society has come to look to extroverts as leaders. Not suggesting that one is better than the other, Susan argues that the world needs an equal space between introverts and extroverts; that an innovative, creative world wouldn’t be the same without the two coming together.

Speaker: Susan Cain

Artist: Molly Crabapple
Director: Jim Batt
Production Coordinator: Kim Boekbinder

If you found the above video interesting please watch the fascinating Ted talk from Susan Cain, who wrote the above video.  Be true to yourself my friends. You will be much more happy and contribute much more to the world. Cheers

Airstream Transformation: Week 1


Airstream finally here in Dallas! Let the fun begin!

She was delivered to Dallas from Oklahoma late at night. Just watching her go down a very popular but narrow road in Dallas made me smile as she oozed by. People sitting outside at the bars stopped and turned.  Her lights glowing off her aluminum metallic skin was something to see and because of her size she looked like a space craft on wheels. A very dear friend and mentor of mine GRACIOUSLY let me park her at his studio. Amongst other things, (cameras, architecture, cars, dogs, art etc etc etc) We both share the same love for Airstreams. She really looks great in his gated fenced lot and I feel better knowing how safe she is there. A quiet place to work!

I haven’t done anything drastic to her yet but I know the direction I want to go.  This week was about cleaning her up so we can have a clear sight of what we’re doing and what are the next steps. Just like getting a new phone or dating somebody new, you take your time to learn what they are all about and what buttons to push and which not to. As I said in my first blog about the project, when I bought my airstream I entered a community and family, (some would even say a cult). I found there is an abundance of proud owners completely open to sharing their journey with their airstreams including what they’ve learned while rebuilding and enhancing them. Tons of links, forums, travels blogs. I couldn’t be happier.  If you notice on Airstream owners’ twitter, fb, instagram and on, most proudly declare AIRSTREAM OWNER as a definitive description of who they are.  Should I?


Here’s some of the things I did this week.

Bye Bye Disgusting blinds and curtains!

A man’s best friend, a 20v cordless drill-screwdriver-sander-saw etc etc. Bought the new Matrix system from Black and Decker. IMPRESSED!

Clean front now and hung this brand new USA Flag I found in a box. GOTTA FLY THAT BABY! AMERICA!

Removed all the doors and drawers, saving their hardware.

TOOL Time!

Once again I have lots and lots of homework! Plumbing, electrical, etc etc . Can’t wait!

Finally getting “Clean”, at least work ready!

Picked up some Moleskine Noteboooks for the trailer. Guest Book and Transformation Journal. My great grand kids will hopefully appreciate them.

Found this sweet shotgun shell mug in the Airstream. Yes I’m keeping it.

Til next time!


Airstream Project: Bought Condition


When I buy something of significance I typically try and learn as much as I can about them. Cameras, cars, gear, watches, tv’s etc etc.   The Airstream was no exception. Since I knew I would be buying a previously owned one my biggest concern was that the aluminum body was in near perfect condition, meaning NO DENTS! Try repairing a dented coke can and you will have an idea of  how possible this is. You typically have to replace the entire panel(s) the dent is in….which means LOTS of riveting…which means lots of man hours…which REALLY means lots of $$$. It’s not like pulling a dent out of a car. This is the first thing I learned. The frame was also crucial.  Everything else you can work around with far less of a headache. After looking at a hundreds of Airstreams online and driving a couple thousand miles to look at atleast a dozen I was SO happy to find this one in it’s condition.

Patton came to inspect her when she was brought to us. He approves

Yes, my girl has a big rear end but it sure does look good

EXTERIOR! Now looking at her she doesn’t look like a beauty queen, YET! The coat that that is put on Airstream’s aluminum is about half worn off in splotches… so that is why she looks like that. The big thing is she does not have any heavy dents. Ok there is one under her front right eye but you barely notice it with the sunglasses on. (big dark tinted rock guard glass at the front) I think it gives her character.   And don’t worry, I plan on polishing her into a full mirror shine so she blinds birds flying over.

Interior: I was warned well before from her previous owner was in the middle of restoring her. The carpet had been pulled to it’s sub floor and the kitchen and storage Cabinets were all that remained….and one growdy bathroom.  WHY ARE YOU SHARING THESE DIRTY PHOTOS BRAUN?! BECAUSE my friends, the sweet ain’t as sweet without the bitter. I told you I would include you on all the fun, so here you are…INCLUDED! Now you can see what we’re up against. Lots to do but I’m excited! Transformation feeds creativity!

front cabin. MY PLAN. BIG Horse shoe booth with table that will convert into big bed

kitchen and dinette. All will be removed so we can start fresh

back room – My plan, 2 bunk beds on either side with lockable storage underneath them

and for the worst….the dreaded bathroom. Gross town for sure…

cramped and gross bathroom. I plan on splitting the shower and bath on either side of the Airstream so somebody doesn’t have to wait to do business, plus more room! All new stuff of course

 Think I’m crazy yet?

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See ya soon!


My Airstream Project & Adventure!


Proud Owner & Airstream the day I bought her!

…And so it begins. Last week I began what will be a very large project for me, both personally and for my work.  Last week I purchased an Airstream trailer. The Airstream is a 34 foot 1993 Excella.  Too be honest when I started looking for THE ONE I had something shorter (25-30 feet) and older (70’s) in mind but this one is a great deal in both condition and price. Little did I know when I became an Airstream owner that I had also joined a massive community, one may even say cult,  but really more like a family. Airstream owners are die hard. They love them and just spending the brief amount of time with mine I completely understand why.   BUT FIRST Let me back up and explain my thoughts for this project.

Fortune Cookie the day I bought the Airstream! A Sign!

WHY?!    Over the last couple of years an interesting dynamic has developed from my business of which I was not expecting at all. Several of my photographs have been purchased as prints….or art for people’s homes, offices, etc. The more I traveled and photographed interesting places like Africa & New York City the more my portfolio grew…and so did my requests for prints. So it clicked! BAM!  I realized that while I am not married or a father (except my 2 dogs) , nor a home owner, I don’t really have anything tying me down to Dallas. This is the time to adventure and journey. Since I already travel a great deal for work anyways there is no reason that I couldn’t fly out of other locations for projects. AGAIN I am not stopping my commercial career.  Back to the Airstream….I have always been in love with them ever since I saw one as a small child. It stood there gleaming in the sun like the space ship on the Flight of the Navigator!  I could go on and on…..

THE PLAN! since a brand new one was a little out of my price range and the lease on my house isn’t up until July I knew it would be far more fun to buy one that I could make it my own.  So over the next several months I will document the transformation story of my (YET TO BE NAMED, SUGGESTIONS?) Airstream. I plan on putting a mirror finish on the outside with a very cool interior design.  If I am still alive by then, next summer I will leave my beloved Dallas Texas and set out to travel through out the United States to spend a quality amount of time (2-4 weeks each) in various interesting locations.  WHAT PLACES YOU ASK???? (not in order)

1. Yosemite
2. Glacier National
3. Yellow Stone
4. PCH -San Fran to San Diego
5. Death Valley
6. Grand Canyon
7. Florida Keys, Key West
8. Joshua Tree
10. Acadia National Park in Maine
11. Smokey Mountains
12. Rocky Mountains
13. Chesapeake bay
14. Appalachian Mountains
15. Horseshoe Falls

  • Oshkosh Air Show Monday – Sunday, July 29, 2013 – August 4, 2013
  • Burning Man – Monday, August 26, 2013, and ends Monday, September 2, 2013
  • Albuquerque Balloon Show 2013 October 5-13
  • Coachella Weekend 1: April 12-14 | Weekend 2: April 19-21

Side view of my Airstream!

THE FUN! Yes I plan on photographing, videoing, and time-lapsing my way across the country….But I don’t plan on doing it all by myself. A trip like this is a once is a life time thing and it would be a shame to do it alone…plus it would just get lonely. SO I plan on doing a video blog at least twice a month to highlight where I’m at, who is running around with me, what I’m shooting and how we’re shooting it, gear gear gear, ….BUT more importantly I plan on using the amazing spots we’re at to spend some time picking the brilliant brains of the highly successful and just cool people I have the fortune of being connected with.  Some of these people you have heard of, some you haven’t. All in all it will be a blast.

Please join me on this amazing journey and subscribe by email or rss over to the right. Let me know your thoughts! I wish I could take all of you with me, so this is the next best thing I can think of!

Also my Twitter : @TheBraun   & Instagram: BRIANBRAUN   will have my daily update on it. BE sure and LIKE my Facebook Page HERE for exclusive wallpapers, highlights and give aways.

There are so many more exciting announcements to be made with this project but they have to wait…I don’t want you to think I’m lying because it’s so amazing. 😉



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