A brilliant short talk on the science of happiness.  What I loved is not only did he outline why we are happy, but also how to increase our happiness using easy techniques.  If we had a consistent positive mindset how much more efficient would we be? How much more creative could you be?

“90% of your long term happiness is predicted not by the external world but by the way your brain processes happiness”


How To Change The World


We must start acting like the change we want to see in the world. Set the example

What If Money Was No Object


Thought provoking message worth meditating on from an amazing lecture from the late Alan Watts.

“better to have a short life doing what you’d like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way”

140 Greatest James Bond Quotes


Smooth, witty, and never at a loss for words…  James Bond has always been my favorite movie character.  This hilarious fun video of all the ridiculous brilliance in the entire James Bond film legacy is fantastic.  Which is your favorite line?

October Photo-A-Day Challenge


Photo A Day Challenges are big on Instagram, which I love seeing what every comes up with for the day’s photo mission. When you think strategic with a specific theme in mind it completely changes the experience and in my mind makes you sharper.  Can you rise to the challenge of this list?! Send me the links of your photos, let’s compare!    add me on Instagram @BrianBraun or FB!




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