Airstream Project: Bought Condition


When I buy something of significance I typically try and learn as much as I can about them. Cameras, cars, gear, watches, tv’s etc etc.   The Airstream was no exception. Since I knew I would be buying a previously owned one my biggest concern was that the aluminum body was in near perfect condition, meaning NO DENTS! Try repairing a dented coke can and you will have an idea of  how possible this is. You typically have to replace the entire panel(s) the dent is in….which means LOTS of riveting…which means lots of man hours…which REALLY means lots of $$$. It’s not like pulling a dent out of a car. This is the first thing I learned. The frame was also crucial.  Everything else you can work around with far less of a headache. After looking at a hundreds of Airstreams online and driving a couple thousand miles to look at atleast a dozen I was SO happy to find this one in it’s condition.

Patton came to inspect her when she was brought to us. He approves

Yes, my girl has a big rear end but it sure does look good

EXTERIOR! Now looking at her she doesn’t look like a beauty queen, YET! The coat that that is put on Airstream’s aluminum is about half worn off in splotches… so that is why she looks like that. The big thing is she does not have any heavy dents. Ok there is one under her front right eye but you barely notice it with the sunglasses on. (big dark tinted rock guard glass at the front) I think it gives her character.   And don’t worry, I plan on polishing her into a full mirror shine so she blinds birds flying over.

Interior: I was warned well before from her previous owner was in the middle of restoring her. The carpet had been pulled to it’s sub floor and the kitchen and storage Cabinets were all that remained….and one growdy bathroom.  WHY ARE YOU SHARING THESE DIRTY PHOTOS BRAUN?! BECAUSE my friends, the sweet ain’t as sweet without the bitter. I told you I would include you on all the fun, so here you are…INCLUDED! Now you can see what we’re up against. Lots to do but I’m excited! Transformation feeds creativity!

front cabin. MY PLAN. BIG Horse shoe booth with table that will convert into big bed

kitchen and dinette. All will be removed so we can start fresh

back room – My plan, 2 bunk beds on either side with lockable storage underneath them

and for the worst….the dreaded bathroom. Gross town for sure…

cramped and gross bathroom. I plan on splitting the shower and bath on either side of the Airstream so somebody doesn’t have to wait to do business, plus more room! All new stuff of course

 Think I’m crazy yet?

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See ya soon!



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