Airstream Transformation: Week 1


Airstream finally here in Dallas! Let the fun begin!

She was delivered to Dallas from Oklahoma late at night. Just watching her go down a very popular but narrow road in Dallas made me smile as she oozed by. People sitting outside at the bars stopped and turned.  Her lights glowing off her aluminum metallic skin was something to see and because of her size she looked like a space craft on wheels. A very dear friend and mentor of mine GRACIOUSLY let me park her at his studio. Amongst other things, (cameras, architecture, cars, dogs, art etc etc etc) We both share the same love for Airstreams. She really looks great in his gated fenced lot and I feel better knowing how safe she is there. A quiet place to work!

I haven’t done anything drastic to her yet but I know the direction I want to go.  This week was about cleaning her up so we can have a clear sight of what we’re doing and what are the next steps. Just like getting a new phone or dating somebody new, you take your time to learn what they are all about and what buttons to push and which not to. As I said in my first blog about the project, when I bought my airstream I entered a community and family, (some would even say a cult). I found there is an abundance of proud owners completely open to sharing their journey with their airstreams including what they’ve learned while rebuilding and enhancing them. Tons of links, forums, travels blogs. I couldn’t be happier.  If you notice on Airstream owners’ twitter, fb, instagram and on, most proudly declare AIRSTREAM OWNER as a definitive description of who they are.  Should I?


Here’s some of the things I did this week.

Bye Bye Disgusting blinds and curtains!

A man’s best friend, a 20v cordless drill-screwdriver-sander-saw etc etc. Bought the new Matrix system from Black and Decker. IMPRESSED!

Clean front now and hung this brand new USA Flag I found in a box. GOTTA FLY THAT BABY! AMERICA!

Removed all the doors and drawers, saving their hardware.

TOOL Time!

Once again I have lots and lots of homework! Plumbing, electrical, etc etc . Can’t wait!

Finally getting “Clean”, at least work ready!

Picked up some Moleskine Noteboooks for the trailer. Guest Book and Transformation Journal. My great grand kids will hopefully appreciate them.

Found this sweet shotgun shell mug in the Airstream. Yes I’m keeping it.

Til next time!



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