Always Carry A Camera & Trust The Force!


The Walking Man Dallas
Confession, It took me three years to take this photo! Three! Everybody at the same time …”WHAT THE HELL BRAUN!”  Well it’s true. Anybody that follows me on twitter, instagram, facebook, etc knows I take A LOT of photos…but for three years I’ve been ignoring my deep urge to photograph this amazing sculpture. I see it almost every week and every time the little voice in my head is saying “go shoot that!” Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to pull over and snap snap but almost every time I saw it people are shooting it, which quite frankly is a turn off (LAME EXCUSE!) Hesitation is too often the reason we miss great things. The voice gets louder every time too!

Which Do you like more? The Color or Black & White?!

Dallas "Walking Man" Brian Braun

So I’m coming home from shooting some dear friends of mine’s photos for their upcoming wedding (NO I don’t shoot weddings, don’t ask) and I pass it. The light is nice. The voice is screaming TURN AROUND. For once I listen, zip around the block, 5 minutes with my 5d. Done. SO HAPPY.  Import into Lightroom 4 and tear into them with Nik’s Viveza, Color Efex & Silver Efex Pro 2 (Which I can’t recommend more)  I couldn’t be happier with the results too.

Instagram, iPhone (or whatever other cellular device you use), Fuji X10, SLR, Hasselblad, etc etc etc. There has never been so much great photography as there is in the world today (there has never been so much bad photography too!). Chances are these days you have a camera on you.  Maybe I’m the only one with the voice in my head that says “Photograph that! and that!”  but I doubt it. Don’t ignore it! Something in you is dying to create! Keep a camera on you & use the force young SkyWalker! Go forth!

These two scenes always come to mind when I see this sculpture!



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