Apps I love pt. 1


Lately I’ve been asked quite a bit about what apps I use on the iPhone so I thought I’d write something up.Considering I’m a photographer, I want to start with the first blog about photography apps. These are the meat of the photo apps I really can’t see parting with, even thought I have about 3 times the amount on my iPhone. ENJOY. Keep Shooting.

Camera+  is the first app I suggest to people that want to take better photos with their iPhone. I compare it from going a point and shoot to a SLR. Shoots faster and sharper and has great filters/effects too. Clarity is my favorite. 1 on my list. The sharing options for social media are fantastic as well.

Snapseed is a close 2nd to features to Camera+. Some stuff it does better, like area specific retouching.  This app is one of my newest apps but I really really love it.

instagram my newest obsession on the iPhone. The image capture and filters aren’t the best but the social aspect is so cool. Kind of like twitter but only visual. I usually take photos with Camera+ and import them into instagram. (my profile is BrianBraun) perfect for capturing and sharing life’s little interesting moments. Tilt Shift effect is fun too.

PANO is what it says, it creates panoramas. Fantastic for Landscapes or even interiors.

QuadCamera is a serious blast. great for when hanging out with friends and want to grab a series of images in one collage.

True HDR & Pro HDR are two apps that are excellent at producing HDR photos.  Really they do a great job of making those surreal images that combines the highlights, mids, and darks. Perfect for shots where things are too contrasty.

Diptic is a really cool “accessory” app that you can combine separate photos to make collages. fun to post with instagram.


SlowShutter is a pretty rad app that lets you play with some cool creative “Slow Shutter” effects like an SLR could. It’s a bit tricky but you can adjust the light sensitivity and time you want it to shoot. Very fun to experiment with.

PhotoForge 2  is a new app to me but has a ton of cool creative filters and advanced editing options. I really look forward to experimenting with this more.

I love seeing my friends and family who switch from their comfort zones and beloved “better” devices to the iPhone. Their response after they get used to it is so fun. I love The level of impact the iPhone has changed multiple industries hasn’t fully been realized yet but I think it is truly a pivotal point in history.

The best camera is the one with you. One of my favorite things to do while I’m waiting for something is to look through the images I’ve shot through me iPhone. Just as good as a diary. Keep Shooting!


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