Big Freeze + Creed


These past couple of months have been pretty crazy. Finally home for a little bit. Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. Let’s catch up!!

Lately I’ve been working on huge projects with my mentor Robert Latorre with his camera system….THE BIGGGG FREEZE. Our latest adventure was a couple of shows for the band CREED.

Robert Latorre with his Big Freeze at the Houston Creed show. Can you count all 3 rigs??

Tech low down. We used 48 Nikon D700’s, 42 Nikon D300’s, and a ton of the original film freeze system. It just so happened to break a World Record of Most Camera’s used in a live production. Total of 250!! (breaking Jusin Timberlake’s of 42…Sorry JT) Here is a guy from the guinness book of world records they flew from London to verify the system. He liked it a lot.

The lead singer Scott showing off his skills on how to blow stuff up. “This is how I torch and melt Nikon cameras! AHHHH!!!!!”

The Real Rock Star….TRAVIS!!

The footage came out amazing…I will post after Creed’s DVD comes out.
Photographer/Production tip #11…Never publish the work before the client can…takes all the surprise out of the fun.
Photographer/Prodcution tip #93…When the Pyro Tech’s yells…..PRYO TEST!…Seriously watch where your standing!

THE ENTIRE FREEZE TEAM DID AN AMAZING JOB! It was my honor to work with everybody!

Video from my new Iphone 3gs. Love this thing!!

Keep Dreaming and Keep Shooting!



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