BRAUN: BuzzShift


I recently had the opportunity to shoot portraits of my good friends at BuzzShiftBuzzShift is a digital strategy agency who collaborate with partners to plan, create, and deliver dynamic campaigns to connect with their customers such as the NFL, Virgin Airlines, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Moet Chandon, P&G, etc etc etc. Basically they are Jedi’s at what they do and we had a blast that day!

Gear Used:
Canon 5d mk ii with 24-70
Profoto 7b + Pro Heads.
2 strip boxes on either Side
Large softbox to the right of the camera
Tethered into Adobe Lightroom 4

Eddy Badrina (@EddyBadrina) and Cameron Gawley, (@cgawley) the founders of BuzzShift, besides being totally rad guys are some of the highest respected professionals in social media.

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