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Sports-Dallas-Commercial-Photography-Brian-Braun-Wallace-Spearmon Olympic Runner Wallace Spearmon Jr.

The 2012 Olympic Summer Games started this weekend…which happens to be my favorite sporting event! Recently I posted my shoot with Olympic Runners Doc Patton and Wallace Spearmon Jr. which was a blast! So I thought I would post my lighting diagram of how I did the above photograph. Like I said in my original post, we only had time for one lighting set up to shoot for about 10 minutes at the end of their last practice-last day, before they left for London. We ended up shooting at about 11am so the sun was pretty high in the sky so it required more juice on the packs to compete with the natural Texas light.
Gear used
1. Profoto 7B + Pro Heads
2. Strip boxes to both side of the Athletes slightly behind
3. Softbox to the (barely) left of the camera, angled to the slight left so the box feather the subject’s face with light while keeping a fall off on the right. (Athletes left side of face)
Olympics Runner Doc Patton. Brian Braun Dallas Commercial Photographer
Braun-Photography-Wallace-Spearmon-Lighting Diagram
Any Questions? Ideas? Thoughts? What information would you like me to include in future BTS posts?
Much Love

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