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Soooo I want to start a series called TOOLS. Tools mainly for photographers and video peeps. Sometimes I will highlight big expensive tools. Sometimes I will highlight random little things. Both types are usually crucial and/or at least helpful to this group of professionals. And if you are neither photo or video nerds like us I’m sure there is a little gadget freak in ya to perhaps find a good use for such items.

NOTE!!!!!!! As of Today, the 2nd of May 2012, 2:30PM. I AM NOT SPONSORED BY ANY COMPANY. I do not receive toys or cash for free in exchange to be on this blog. (not saying I’m opposed to the idea) but I will definitely make this known if it changes. OKEY DOKEY? I just want to share stuff that I believe in and that I use on the regular with work and through life that I see has value to others. Help me help you.

FIRST Tool. The Belkin Mini Surge Protector. If you are like me you have far too many gadgets & gizmos that require an electrical socket one place or the other. WAH LA! This little baby is great when traveling. Instead of tearing apart your hotel room for all the sockets and scattering your junk across the room (increasing the chance that you will overlook and forget it later)…plug this guy in and keep everything central! So many things now charge off USB….iPhone, iPad, bluetooth, etc etc. so the 2 usb inputs are fantastic! The 3 prong plug can actually swivel which is super handy depending on where the socket is located at.  Well worth the investment for sure.

Let me know what you think. Was this helpful? Are you interested in more? What other types of stuff would you like me to highlight?



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  • Seymour Summerton says:

    When you put together a computer system, one piece of standard equipment you’ll probably buy is a surge protector. Most designs serve one immediately obvious function — they let you plug multiple components into one power outlet. With all of the different components that make up a computer system, this is definitely a useful device.:

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