Dallas DownTown PhotoWALK!



If you’re in Dallas Saturday the 15th of January, a group of photographers getting together for a PhotoWALK through Downtown Dallas. All levels are welcome!… from full time pro’s to somebody that just got their first entry level SLR for Xmas. ALL IS WELCOME
More experienced should be open to answering questions for anybody curious. Questions Encouraged! That’s how we learn…RIGHT

Living in Dallas I didn’t know how many cool things there were to the Downtown area until I started walking around with some buddies.

"Heavenly Ghetto"

SCHEDULE: January 15th, 2011

  1. Meet at 2:30,Let the Wild Rumpus Start!
  2. Bounce around to certain cool spots until we run out of daylight.
  3. If people are still in good spirits and are game we can grab dinner somewhere.
  4. IF People are still down… We can do some Night Time Shooting!  Tripods are highly recommended!


Everybody park in the lot at the corner of Jackson and Caesar Chavez

I’ll be tweeting it through out! http://twitter.com/thebraun


  1. -CAMERA (duh)…..(and all that is needed with it, memory cards, etc etc etc)
  2. -Whatever Lenses you have or wanna bring.
  3. -Tripod (optional) if you wanna keep the party after dinner I’ll be down to do some night shooting as well. Tripods make the difference.
  4. -Strobes, (optional) if you wanna bring them we could have some fun with them as well.
  5. -WALKING SHOES….We will be walking…not sitting in a classroom or one place.
  6. -Appropriate weather attire….it is January, if it’s cold then dress for it!
  7. -Water bottle (Optional if you want…once again we will be walking a lot.

Me by Michael Hawkins

AT THE END, you’ll have hopefully have some cool shots for your frig, grown in your skills, a few good adventure stories, but most importantly met some cool people from all walks with a common passion!

Looking forward to meeting all of you.



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