Death & the Speed Demon


Recently I went to turn on my 17 inch MacBook Pro and nothing. Dead as disco. I took it to the Apple store and said it was something with the motherboard. Either way I was over due for one, as a professional creative. My 17 inch had been run HARD for years and was just it’s time. (nor justifiable to fix).

Bitter sweet though. This was my first mac ever and my only computer for a solid 3 years. I learned photoshop and basically grew with it as I began my photography career.  I learned quick that advertising agencies and most creatives used macs so she was my card to the cool club. LOL.

I traveled with this computer every where.  (what felt like) 50lb’s of her LITERALLY bulletproof self. To the Emmy’s, Gold Globes, tethered as I shot into it everywhere. I remember trying to open it on a airplane. Might as well been a 60inch screen.

So I went into debate mode. I wanted a smaller laptop since I had the 27 inch iMac I used at my house. It just made sense to have something smaller that could travel easy but still something with muscle. I almost chose a 13 inch Mac Air because of how crazy lite it was but still was pretty quick. The only deal breaker after talking to some of other photographers is that it strained when tethering to medium format digital cameras like Hasselblad or Mamiya, which is something that is very part of my work now. 13 inch Macbook Pro it is! 8gb of Ram, i7 processor and splurged on the SSD drive. This thing but super quick! Greatly Looking forward to using it in the field soon.

RIP old friend





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