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Photokina is probably the world’s coolest (and biggest) photography event. All the big manufacturers debut new gear to the world…and oh does this photography world drool in anticipation. If you follow my work you know that I use Profoto lights as often as I can when it comes to projects. They were the literally the first lights I ever rented and have been hooked on their fantastic quality ever since, (Yes I have tested others)…they are purely in reliable in terms of simply turning on, firing and color output. A lot of other brands start turning a shade of green after shooting for a while….deal breaker for advertising photographers.

This year has been pretty amazing and a BIG highlight in my career for me personally was to be featured on their blog a few times for my photo shoots. So I can’t tell you how blown away I was when they asked me if my photo of the McLaren  could go in the Profoto Photokina booth! To be included on the list of the AMAZING Photographers that also have photo’s in the booth is pretty mind blowing. These are the best of the best and many are personal hero’s of mine. To say the least I am honored! Profoto put together a Showreel to debut all their photographers and their photos which will hang in the booth. Check them out!

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