HELLO from Norway!


Hello Everybody from the Land of the Norwegians & home of the Vikings! I’m writing you NORTH OF THE ARCTIC CIRCLE! CRAZY! Since I got a spot of wifi while we are ported  I thought I’d share a few rough edited photos of the trip.  Hope you are all well, warm and safe. Cheers





184546_434168199989039_603363641_n20130112Norway.Day4.Canon-441-72-Edit IMG_2109 20130109Norway.Day1.Canon-891-105 20130109Norway.Day1.Canon-891-89web 20130113Norway.Day5.Night.Canon-84-12 20130111Norway.Day3.Canon-452-153web 20130111Norway.Day3.Canon-452-88. PANO-Edit 20130112Norway.Day4.Canon-177-141web


  • Gerry says:

    Aright that is some crazy awesome photos. Love the coloring of the blue ocean and shore line (one above the chapel). Blessed skills there my friend , keep up the amazing and inspiring work.

  • Owen says:

    Snow here in DFW area today. Cold at 27 with slight windchill. See what you are missing. :)) have a safe trip.

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