The real mAD “Men”


Recently I had the fun and honor of shooting something very personal for an advertising client….head shots. We had an idea of doing several different things with black and white portraits on white. This gave us a lot of versatility of what we could play with.

One was that we could play off the whole Glee poster L series…..L FOR LAUNCH!

This is a pretty fun group shot composited from individual shots. Click for the LARGE

An amazing thing I learned….When people throw on sunglasses, they are different people. Cool, calm, YOU CAN’T SEE ME! I suppose because the eyes say so much there is a sense of “masking”.  For a crew that is always on the other side of the camera making sure national ad’s look legit, these guys were amazing in front of the camera. Sure wasn’t me 😉

My mission control where I do all my retouching. Not that these guys need it. Stunning looking crew, and uber fun.

One of my favorite shots from the whole shoot. “Heavy Hitter”

Studio that we made out of the board room.

Techy Info:

Gear: Canon 5d mk ii +  70-200 2.8L /50mm 1.2
Strobist: 2 ab1600’s through strip boxes, diffusers off, left and right pointed at the back drop.
ab1600 through large softbox just camera right feathering the subject’s face

And for the close ups I used black foam board to the right of the subject to suck up the light
Trigger: Pocket Wizard Plus II’s

Tethered into Lightroom 3
Processing : Lightroom 3, Photoshop CS5



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