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We drove and drove and drove. Traveling up and down and up and down through the beautiful mountains of Tennessee into Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  We were on a mission to get north as possible before the leaves left and the cold arrived. Making sacrifices to not see more landmarks…like more bourbon distilleries. We stopped for diesel and rested in Wal Mart parking lots (who thankfully are RV Friendly) only for a few hours and then off again! Patton slept on and off in the back in his throne hammock. Always getting up for when I stopped to fuel up. We strayed away from the big cities of NYC and Boston for fear of traffic. And then there it was. Signs. We had reached the Atlantic Coast line and managed to pull to a beach front somewhere on the line of New Hampshire and Maine just before dawn.

I pulled Patton out of the truck and laid him on sand, knowing he had never really experienced it. He delighted in its softness on his old joints and we walked out over the sand dune and there it was. Illuminated by the just breaching sun that was merely as thick as a knife blade. We both stood in something I cannot begin to describe. Not only was this validation of why we had driven for days and nights, sleep deprived and junk food filled, but what I had worked non stop dawn to dusk every day this summer in the Texas heat to finish the airstream. We both smiled and dare I say laugh as we played in the surf and slowly strolled the beach finally relaxing. We had made it.

It was a few hours more to drive through the small cozy coastal towns of Maine until we reached Camden. The town of Camden is simply one word, CHARMING. It is hands down the iconic Maine town you think of. White wooden buildings with trim. Nice Harbor. Lobster rolls flow in every restaurant or roadside stand and hotels are called “Inns”.  Hills roll through the town with shops offering everything a visitor could hope for with people as pleasant as I have met anywhere. I even picked up a mountain bike there (Trek) which some how I didn’t have when I left Dallas.



This Inn reminded me of the house in Casper. I’d love to stay in it!. The Norumbega Inn

One of my favorite things here is that almost business has these signs of carved painted wood with gold letters. Makes you feel like you’re in a Harry Potter movie. again….charming craftsmanship & detail.


Camden’s state park had some great reviews so we stopped there. Pleasantly tucked up into the forrest, the spots for trailers and RV’s are each given their own space to breath with their own fire pit and tables. Weekenders, adventurers and retirees came and went and I made some new friends there. Nothing like being able to say “Come on over to my spot tonight and I’ll make a fire.” Great conversation with the quiet everyone is exactly there for balances everything it seems.

photo 2 (1)

While hiking through the state park I came upon a small clearing in the woods with hundreds of stacks of rocks. It was surreal for sure since I had no idea what they were at the time but I made my own. “When in Rome”. Later I was told they are some symbol or procedure revolving around prayer. interesting.





photo 3 (1)


I love these hammocks from Grand Trunk Goods. Small, compact, and a ton of accessories.Travel_photographer_maine_brianbraun-41

Every Sunday the Camden Snow Bowl is open (WITH PANCAKE BREAKFAST!!!) They run the ski lifts so you can go up and hike around the hills if you want. Pretty neat.



Now I had heard the champion of horror literature, Stephen King lived in Maine. Just like I had read in an article the he himself said that “MAINE IS SPOOKY”. I have to agree with him. For all its beauty and mystery it keeps secrets a little too quiet. I don’t mean that to deter anybody from visiting. you should. But you can’t know what I am poorly attempting to describe until you have been here. It’s quiet. A little too quiet. Like when you know somebody is watching you. The roads twist and turn through the dense trees on either side and before you know it you pass the building you were looking for, usually nestled away. The 2 days before I left it rained off and on, leaving a spooky fog. And just like the idiots in every horror movie I had to venture forth into the scene that frightened me. Some how I survived the monsters, ghouls, and serial killers.








NEXT BLOG: ACADIA NATIONAL PARK! Where I wrestle bears and chase leprechauns.. until then….

Be Well, GO Far















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  • Diane dailey says:

    I still use my “swinger” camera so you’ll appreciate my limitations..and my thrill of INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Oh, yeah, I really appreciate the b & w photo of the trees with leaves appearing to be white. (yellow, huh?) The natural way to “see” the sillouette of the dark tree branches and the light sky is a bit cliche’, but not when YOU do it. How do you manage the “mist”. Has to be the perfect apature and shutter speed. (or do you own a “smoke” machine?) OH-sorry to even kid about something like that, especially with YOU.
    Keep em comin’…d

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