MASSIVE Dallas Flash Mob – Victory Plaza (UPDATED)


Hey BEAUTIFUL AMAZING people. I just had a cool convo with some of the great folks of Dallas that heard about our Flash Mob. They loved the idea and enthusiasm totally, but since it is such a kid -family oriented event they were afraid that it would freak out the kids. Which I understand i guess. They asked us to respectfully bottle that energy and save it for another event…..So No dice on this flash mob. Believe me we could still do something on our own but I for one would rather keep friendships with the good people that run our fair city…we can soon do bigger stuff with them than against them. please Know that I LOVE YOU ALL….And thank you for the support.  The event is still going on, and I will be there. Just no flash mob….THIS TIME! 



victory plaza

  1. The event is 4-8pm


Talk to you soon!


  • McKenna and Dana says:

    We were there and we will be there again! Harlem Shake was crazy fun so wouldn’t miss this for the world. We don’t wanna freeze! We wanna dance Dallas, cuz Big Things Happen Here!

  • Denise says:

    Totally Agree with Mckenna and Dana. The Harlem Shake was so much fun but we should Dance or maybe Both? Or we can just sizzle like bacon 🙂

  • Raul Santillan says:

    Dude thanks for all you do for our city! You heard the folks, let’s dance…. if we are gonna do it, let’s do it BIG!

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