My Favorite Films on Photographers


Something about watching the story of other photographers is by far my favorite thing to watch. So I thought I would share some of my favorite. All of these can be found on Vimeo, Netflix, and Youtube. All WELL WORTH THE WATCH!! I never went to school for formal education for anything visual, so I must credit a huge amount of what I know to video’s like this. Don’t you love the age we’re in! So much information right at our fingertips. If you’re a photographer or not, you’ll really enjoy watching these films. Cheers!

1. Annie Leibovitz – Life Through a Lens.

I’ve literally seen this film probably 200 times. It’s on my ipad for flights home or restless nights. Such a beautiful film on her amazing journey. From shooting for Rolling Stone to touring with Rolling Stones to Vanity Fair’s endless celebrities. Her life has been the ultimate ride as the highest demand photographer in the world. But for all her glamor, hype, and skills, she has grown and hurt like anybody else. Can’t recommend this film more! Trailer below

2. Julius Shulman – Visual Acoustics.

You know you’re legit when universities award you an honorary doctorate in what you shoot. Truly the grandfather of Architecture photography, this man shot for all the great modern architects as well as created techniques of styling houses with people and furniture for shoots. A true pioneer. If you love shooting architecture or black and white, you will love this. Trailer below

3. Duffy – The Man Who Shot the 60’s

I had never heard about this guy until his short film, put together by his son, came across a dozen blogs I follow. I watched it twice back to back in awe! This guy owned his scene for years. YEARS!….and one day walked away. seriously. Lit most of his stuff on fire and BOUNCED. PEACE. Must watch. Full Video Below

4. Helmut Newton – Helmut by June

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.  Simply AMAZING to watch this man. 1st things 1st!  HOW COOL is it that his wife shot this entire film!? Wow. The way he describes his philosophy and approach….his creative process.  So descriptive. I love he lets people in…or just his wife. Either way we can see it all….THANK YOU JUNE aka Mrs. Helmut. The full video series is on Youtube. (below) “I’m not a photographer, I’m a pornographer” (Jokster!)

Have fun


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