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Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a private collection (50+) of extremely awesome and rare guitars. Being a guitar player since I was 16 this was really a treat! These guitars were ones I would have loved to have on my wall….the Guitar Titans of Rock n Roll…Jimi Hendrix (SIGNED!!!), BB KING, Clapton, etc etc etc.  Gibson Les Paul’s, Flying V’s, SG’s, C series, Fender Strats, Prototypes and more!

Here is a small preview of the unedited images. That’s right, right out of the camera…exported to JPG. Below are some behind the scenes I shot with my iPhone.  Coming VERY SHORTLY I will release a video of the making of this shoot including time-lapse and a screen grab of some of my post work flow and approach.

One thing I love about this life direction I’ve chosen as a photographer that specializes in advertising level work is the complete random gigs. I will never specialize in 1 thing. This is a life of passion for me and too many things hold my interest. (note appreciate vs passionate). This day I was working alone, which was a challenge but also great to let me just turn up my music and fall in love with the amazing craftsmanship of these amazing instruments.

GEAR Wise I use:

  • 5d mk ii + 24-70 2.8L
  • Pocket Wizard plus ii &  Pocket Wizard MINI TT1 Triggers
  • 1 Profoto D1 light with Large Soft box
  • Typical bounce reflector on the other side just to light the opposite edge from the light to give it some shape.
  • Imported/Tethered in Adobe Lightroom 3

This is a super easy set up to do. Most of these shots were done at f5.6, 1/200s.  THAT’S IT! You can do it. Promise! Go out and rent some lights and start exploring. Don’t be scared.

Have fun. Be Well! Go out and experiment with light



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