Sam THE Magic Man


Recently I had the great privilege of shooting an amazing entertainer. Sam the Magic Man. A VERY gifted magician. Seriously, when the guy makes you flip your card up (facing the floor) and its one, snaps his fingers, and then its another… that will make you think twice about what is real in this world. But besides his fantastic gifts, he is as funny a person as I have found.

Recently Sam has turned his attention to modeling….and being a not so horribly ugly guy…I’m sure he’ll turn heads doing that as well. The above photo was shot with my favorite car in the world. My Dad’s 1982 Porsche 911. I grew up in that car, and somehow it show’s me my dad more than any picture could. He loaned (hesitantly) the sweet German to me for the shoot. Sadly we didn’t have much time to really spend much time shooting it. But I’m not done with it yet. 😉

Contact Sam: 214.384.5049

Find the joy in all that you do. Be a blessing.


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