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A few years ago a talented writer approached me to use me, a photographer based in Dallas, as the basis for his main character in his new thriller novel. It sounded like fun so we spent the next couple of years talking about the technical aspects of photography as he wrote to help give the novel the best feel of a real photographer. It’s a really fun book, especially if you are into photography, murder, scandals, action, adventures, Dallas, America…etc. Now the only thing to worry about is Who Will Play Me In The Movie?? Who do you think should? (smiles). Be sure and read the book description below!

ShutterBug Book. Brian Braun


“Brian Braun, a local Dallas photographer, believes he’s hit Pulitzer pay-dirt when he receives an unusual call for an extraordinary photo shoot from a U.S. Senator.  Afterward, however, Braun comes to realize his photographs have done more than record history.  He’s recorded one of the greatest hoaxes and politically devastating scandals that breeches beyond the boundaries of Watergate.  The hoax is perpetrated on the American people by a private security firm that specializes in high profile political murder.  Relying on his own streetwise wits, Braun has less than forty-eight hours to stay a step ahead of a highly motivated death squad and keep from being branded by history as the next Lee Harvey Oswald.”


We’ve been asked to do a duo book signing soon so snatch up a copy (YES one made of real paper)! Buz is a really neat guy who has taught in public schools and Art Institutes, connected to some seriously powerful people, (FBI, CIA etc) but also down to earth. Below is a portrait I did for his author bio.


Be Well, Go Far


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