State Fair Photo Walk!


WHEN: WEDNESDAY! October 5th.
WHERE: State Fair, Fair Grounds

We’ll meet at THE FEET OF BIG TEX at 7. Be sure and bring a tripod (if you have one), makes long exposures so much easier. The lights on the rides at night will be fantastic! We’re going during the week so the crowd will be minimal
The Dart goes directly goes to the Gates so that is the easiest way. I’ll be getting on the Mockingbird Station point. Everybody is welcome to join. Spread the word. Look forward to hanging.

MockingBird is the Red line, take it to the Pearl Station. I’m taking the 6:19 Red to Pearl and getting on the 6:30 Green from Pearl to Fair Park…arriving outside the gate at 6:38. Gives me enough time to get through the gate, stock up on tix, and get a candy apple for Kevin.

Eat as much as you can. Visit and get to know the area’s photogs. Looking forward to it with you guys
Kroger Can Food Drive. Any Wednesday. Admission is $2 for each visitor bringing 3 cans of food for North Texas Food Bank.


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