The Ultimate Christmas List: Adventure Edition


Who doesn’t love a good Christmas list?! I thought I would give you a few things to quickly order for somebody you like, love, or is blackmailing you. Or you can give this to those mentioned as hints at what you want. I know Christmas is super close so I included direct links to each item on Amazon. How can you beat free 2 day shipping??! (If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet (which gives you free 2 day shipping) then slap yourself and then sign up.

This list is what I call essentials for Adventuring. Adventures can be a trip to the back country of Africa for a month or simply anytime you walk out the front door! HERE WE GO!

Leatherman WAVE. My #1 Everyday Carry!  I have 4. I keep one in the truck, my camera bag, the airstream and my Bike. The Perfect Multitool

Buy it HERE on Amazon


Mefoto SideKick360 Plus Today we take tons of photos and video with our phones. From group photos that I want to be in to timelapses I’m always trying to prop up my phone. This little tripod isn’t the cheapest phone tripod but it is by far the best I’ve used. It’s so versatile, basically you can get any angle, but also very stable holding my big iphone 7plus with no problem at any position. The best camera is the one you have with you. If you don’t want to haul a bunch of gear with you, this is a nice solution. Comes in a bunch of cool colors too.

Buy it HERE on Amazon


BRAVEN BLADE SPEAKER. Bluetooth. Drop-water-freeze proof. Really great sound. Amazing battery with USB plug to charge phone. From photoshoots to my trip to Nicaragua, its been a great speaker to add music! Highly recommend it!

Buy it HERE on Amazon


Sony a6300. I get asked a lot, especially this time of year, for suggestion on SLR cameras.  Reasons like beginning photography to shooting better family stuff to sports or travel. But I won’t recommend something I haven’t personally used. This is little camera is phenomenal. My favorite travel camera and honestly one of the best in the world for all around purposes. Shoots crazy fast stills and video (good for sports, babies, and puppies). Super light while still having all the cool tech the top tier SLR functions have. Also will charge by USB, which makes charging remotely so easy. If you want the newest of this line get the Sony A6500 (upgraded with stabilized sensor)  or the earlier generation, the Sony A6000. Any of these three are fantastic!

Buy it HERE on Amazon

dallas texas photographer brian braun sony a6300

Bose QC 35  This is the only thing on this list that I personally have not used but am hoping to get for Christmas. BUT I do have its predecessor the QC15’s that they don’t make anymore. The difference is the 35’s have BLUETOOTH, the 15’s do not.  Simply put I don’t travel without my bose headphones, ESPECIALLY on airplanes. Noise Cancelling is an understatement with these headphones that go completely over the ear. By far the easiest way to upgrade yourself to first class and get rid of that baby’s crying a few rows behind you. When you turn these on the world is silent. Pairs excellent with Led Zeppelin. Turn it up to eleven!

Buy the HERE on Amazon.


Jumpl Bluetooth Adapter  This little guy is amazing for making any speaker or headphones into bluetooth. This especially comes in handy with the new iphone 7 series that doesn’t have a headphone port (without using a dongle). I use it with my bose qc15’s while working out, working in the shop, and riding my motorcycle (using different headphone in my helmet). Like Sheldon says, “EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH BLUETOOTH!”

Buy it HERE on Amazon


Nite Ize Carabiners. Stocking Stuffer. I know these sound a little minimal to make this list but there isn’t a time I don’t walk out the door with one of these. I use the tiny S carabiner to attach my strap to my camera. I keep a few of the locking carabiners to my all my bags. These are perfect for giving quick access to a water bottle or securing one bag to another. They aren’t heavy or big by any means but the are so handy.

Buy it HERE on Amazon


North Face Base Camp Duffel – Travel experience hinges on how easy you can move…or TRAVEL. The right bag can make or break a trip honestly. Ever seen somebody’s bag fall apart on them mid trip way out in the wilderness away from a store? I have. It’s not pretty. My first experience with a Base Camp duffel was my month long trip to Africa and man did it impress. Ultra tough. Very affordable considering the build quality. Comes with two long shoulder straps that can be worn as a backpack very comfortably. It doesn’t have anything hard structural to it so the bag can compress super small. Technically not water proof but I’ve had mine sit outside in a storm all day and nothing got wet on the inside. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. I think I have at least 2 of each size. (always Black on Black). If I had to choose one bag to live out of it would be this one.

Buy it HERE on Amazon



Hydro Flask 40 oz.   Water Bottles are very often overlooked when packing for traveling but I’ve learned that its crucial to have water with me because its not always easy to get. Nothing worse than getting on a 3 hour bus ride through the jungle without water. The Hydro Flask is the best water bottle honestly (yes I’ve tried Yeti). No they are not the cheapest by any means but it blows me away how long it will keep things cold. If you want just a liquid holder then get a Nalgene. If you want something that will keep ice ICE for days get a Hydro Flask. Warm water is no fun during a hard hike. I’ve had my HF in my sidecar out in the Texas sun & heat all day and still kept my water as cold as I put it in there that morning. I honestly can’t figure out the witchcraft involved with these but I won’t complain. Quality gear won’t let you down. These are well worth the investment.


Braven Power Bank it goes without saying we use a lot of electronic things all the time. So when you’re out and about, especially traveling, we don’t always have access to charging spots. This battery called the Power Bank by Braven is amazing. Not the smallest or cheapest but has TWO usb ports and is built super tough. With my travels I’m not easy on my gear. I need it to be tougher than me so I know it will be there for me.  It also has bluetooth with a ton of super cool features you would never think of. Don’t leave home without it.

Buy it HERE on Amazonincipio-braven-bank-6000-mah-black-cyan-top-1_1

Things are not what is important for the holidays. I’m perfectly happy if I don’t get anything for Christmas, but I don’t hate it when I get something I really can use everyday.  More lists coming.  Happy Holidays!


Be Well, Go Far!

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