Ansel Adams, 1958 Film


When I saw this video my jaw was on the floor and I suddenly felt so lazy. Why? In college I traded my shotgun for a Film NIkon SLR, shot only on auto, and I bought and had the film processed at Wal-Mart. Needless to say my whole 3 months of using the thing does not give me credibility as a photographer that reallllly shot film. I learned on digital and love it to death. So when you hang out with the photographers that really did shoot film and they go on about how digital isn’t really photography….I have to admit, I kind of get it now! His process of seeing exposure in the highlights and shadows, counting the seconds while he processed his negatives with chemicals. ALL took serious focus and technical skills!  It’s just different now.

Ansel Adams was the man. He was a jedi master of photography. King of Black and White Photography and took thousands of iconic landscape images which remain the best.  A true artist and massive environmentalist. His work and life has been a major influence to me.

So when we get to whining about we don’t have the newest model camera REMEMBER that we are LIGHT YEARS ahead of anything Mr. Adams touched or dreamed of! Imagine climbing a mountain shooting a couple frames, hauling all that heavy gear miles back before you got to see how the frame came out! No excuses! Go shoot!



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