TimeFest 2011


Recently several guys, like Tom Lowe aka TimeScapes + Vincent Laforet, whose work I GREATLY admire got together for a weekend of shooting Time Lapses. These guys are the tip of the sword when it comes to this style of film-photography.

What’s even cooler is that Eric Kessler showed up and made a bts-making of video of the whole project.
If you don’t know who Eric Kessler is, basically the Tony Stark of Time-Lapse tools. Extremely innovative and forward thinking, this guy’s products have literally produced some of the most amazing footage the world has seen.

Full roster of TimeFest 2011 Jedi’s: The roster included Tom Lowe, Vincent Laforet, Carson Garner, John Carr, Ben Wiggins, Mike Flores, Drew Walker, Shawn Reeder, Dustin Kukuk, Nilo Merino Recalde, Mike Goveia, and, of course, Tom Guilmette.

I can’t wait to get my hand on some of this gear! Kessler wrote an outstanding blog about it HERE


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