Virtual Photo Walks helps the Immobile


We live in an amazing time where technology has enabled us to do what only previous generations have only dreamed of. Recently a friend showed me this video of John Butterill’s Virtual PhotoWalk. The idea is this, we can now stream video so effectively using mobile devices that we can “take” people to places with us! This is HUGE for the population that are challenged physically.

Needless to say I’m inspired! I have always wanted my upcoming trip to not just be about me so I can’t wait to do this while on the road! Does anybody have anybody specific that this would benefit? Maybe a children’s hospital special department? I would love to connect with them and start forming a game plan with my Airstream trip. Would love to do a few locally around Dallas before I leave as well.

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Start your own Virtual PhotoWalk to Share and Help Others here

Be Well, Go Far!Braun

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