Recently I had the chance to shoot one of my favorite Dallas Bands….ODIS. I’ve loved these guy’s music for several years now, so I was pretty pumped when Larry, the lead singer, asked me to shoot them.

The direction from the guys is that they wanted this RAW..”just us”..”this is me” kindv shots. No smoke or magic or uber lighting. If you are somewhat familiar with my work you know I like to explore the possibilities both in camera and in post. (computer software). WHAT NO PS, NO MASKS….NOPE. Oddly enough I felt liberated and challenged. It’s good to be challenged.
Larry (Vocals)

Kindv kicking myself for not shooting some behind the scenes fun. Being the oldest of 3 brothers, makes me pretty at home with hanging with guys…doing guys stuff. Yes we had a nerf gun shoot out and Rob the guitar genius showed us how he could barely escape death while busting some sweet moves on the skateboard in the studio. My brothers and I all live pretty far away from each other now so just hanging out with these guys made me miss them quite a bit.
Mike (drummer)

While shooting we jabbered on about our favorite Bruce Lee Movies (Enter the Dragon…DUH) and the local Dallas music scene.
Rob (guitar)

Lighting: Imagine this!!! Subject 3-5 ft in front of the white backdrop.
An, AB1600 through a large octabox right behind me elevated pointed down. Another pointing at the back drop behind the subject. WOOWWWWW. 2 light was used.

Bristen (Bass)…(FYI Ashton Kutcher stole his sig look from Bristen)

HUGE THANKS TO Studman SEAN for all the help.

Have Fun and keep shooting!


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