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OK Here goes some food for thought. Part will be my take on 2.0 world, part will be just a step back approach. I talk in blurts….so please excuse such random thoughts. Please don’t take as negative, but more of a thought provoking ideas.

In the last couple of years we have really supercharged our approach and involvement with the world. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Blogs, Websites, SEO, Google Keywords, Video’s, Flickr…etc etc etc. All are pretty much free in terms of cash dollars. Any new thing comes up that we can utilize and we immediately think….WILL THIS BOOST MY AUDIENCE AND SEO ON THE LOCATION LIST?

I believe in all these approaches and efforts. The bar has been raised at what it takes to run with the big dogs. But is this turning into a popularity contest? Chase Jarvis can pretty much go to any company and show them his google analytics…and get a truck load of whatever just to flash for a second on his video blogs. RIGHT? I’m a huge fan of Chase.

Power will and forever be in numbers. Everybody wants Jordan’s shoes so they can dunk like Mike.

Flickr is a huge online resource. Hobby and McNally have educated everybody so damn fast that the bar is flown out the damn window. I LOVE IT. I’ve heard it takes 2 years to learn what it took used to take 30. Technically I completely agree. But Instinct develops over time and experiences.

“It’s not who you are, it’s who you know” is still king these days. I’ve never heard of my jet clients looking for a photographer online. My friends at The Richard Group and The Marketing Arm, young people, still say that meeting somebody face to face (and having great shots) is crucial. People want to know how this photographer is going to mix with my client they are sending them out with.

This is coming from a young photographer that has made money just from the web. In one case key wording photo’s on flickr put me in contact with an architect in Japan!

A great businessman told me to remember to not confuse busy with productive. The difference is one lets you collect a check.

A question I want us to ask ourselves. Are we working at being the best photographer, best marketer, or best networker (there is a difference). I know not always do “the best skilled” gets the job…but the better businessmen. YET, I think there should be a balance. There is no replacement for quality work.

I see all of us going crazy to keep up with the other, reminds me of the 50 kids in starbucks trying to be punk rockers….dress like us, talk like us…and you’ll be different. lol.

We can’t forget to shine.

So here’s the point. Are we selling to other photographers…or clients that need our skills? Both is a completely fine answer.

We’ve changed the way certain people can find us….which is great….the problem is we are a few (or more) clicks away from others as well. Don’t forget to bring it.

Let me know if I’m off my rocker. Lookin forward to meeting you.


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  • Bre says:

    I like your post. I’m still learning the plethora of ways to get my work out there. I’ve not been using Flickr like I should. I’ve been mainly working on my photography first and foremost and marketing when there’s time. Maybe I need to change that equation but for now it’s what I’m doing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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