2011 Closing Thoughts


2011 was full of hard lessons and amazing opportunities. I’ve been hugely blessed by connecting with so many creatives (online and in person). Tough business lessons were taught through experiences. Dream projects became reality. (One’s I would have laughed at if somebody told me I would shoot them someday)  There were also seasons that have tried me beyond imagination. Tested my will. Perseverance is a muscle. Strengthened through rigorous challenges.

We are protected by a 100 things we can see and 1,000 we will never realize existed.  I’ve been there. I’ve wondered my purpose and worth in this world. It rains on the just and unjust a like. We will be tried again. That much is certain. But we must learn from every mistake. Be wise but not so jaded we are not too scared to try again. I heard a line the other day that has plagued me deeply. “What if hell were actually a reflection of our lives lived at our max potential?” What do you think? I plan on trying to narrow that gap of who I am and who I could be. We must dare to do better! Be better!

May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows. And may you find the wind to your back, the sun on your face, and love in your hearts.

Stay Grateful my friends. Hold onto hope. Stay inspired and creative. Hope for your future and ours. 2012 will be great. Believe.

I’m grateful for each of you. Be blessed. Fearless love. -Braun #crazyblessed

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