A Hopeful New Year


2010. It’s Here! Finally! We made it. 2009 Left us weary and tired. This year brings all levels of hopes and optimistic expectations. This year will be different. Of course this all from personal experiences which have carved this bright declaration.

Shot from a shoot for Bombardier Aerospace. I love this jet. Amazing Machine!
What have you created this year? What are your hopes? What will you push yourself to learn? For me, its master timelapse techniques and several software. Branding and rebranding myself once again. This effort is an ever and always evolving privilege. We must treat it as so.

What new tools will help you achieve your progression in creativity?
Let me know! I want to know!

Keep shooting


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  • Anonymous says:

    i plan on doing some travel, having an amazing career and learning as much as i can about the photography world as possible. Keep up the great stuff.

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