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These past days (and for the continuing next ones) the world is without doubt uber fixated on every muscle movement of the world’s greatest athletes representing their countries in The Olympics!! I am no exception. I know am not what you call a super sports fan….but the every four year super event bring cultures and life together….I can def get into that! Things I am picking up on….. Michael Phelps is a freak that might as well moon walk on the water considering how bad he spanks the competition…..but for all his respect he demands he stays extremely humble and focused. No doubt he is the greatest Olympian Athlete of all time….Go Michael!….. Also realized The Chinese KNOW How to throw a party….opening Olympic ceremony!

OK! Now that I have said my shout out….Lately I have been doing more soul searching. Yes I said it, Yes you can slap me when you see me for using such a cliche….little alone writing it down.

So why have I been digging? Why?? Probably for I am forced to after seeing people that have been forced to look at themselves. Who? Well besides the amazing young athletes representing their people ranging from as young as 14 (US Dive Team) but also from other areas from around me.

My father called me raving about this book (The Last Lecture) about professor, Randy Pausch, whom had gotten pancreatic cancer and gave his last speech at the college he taught at. I had seen the lecture (below) but Dad went ahead and got the book. Turned out to be a great short book that had far more things to take other than the wisdom from his lecture. Think of it…. The man KNEW he was leaving his Wife and 3 kids in a short amount of time….do you think he had to serious look at (and reprogram his mindset) of how every remaining month, week, day, hour, minute, SECOND of his life was going to happen….and then happen after he was gone? I double dog dare you to really have at that mentality for 72 hours. Not trying to be overly serious or dramatic…but it’s a noteworthy challenge.

My favorite show is on tonite while I am writing you this, and of course it clicks as another reminder to focus up! The show is ICONOCLASTS…basically they throw successful people from very different careers together to see how they relate to each other’s views and common grounds in what they have picked up in their life…..my lame description does not do it justice. MOVING ON…..Tonite has Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer (Author of Into the Wild)….I knew very little about either of these individuals but I deeply connected with the character of the Book….which is a true story btw…..def worth the read and watch….Sean Penn directed the movie.
Christopher McCandless purposely disappeared across the country (without any money ) to take a personal journey…eventually ending up in Alaska. Sometimes we want to risk death just to clear the train tracks that our life and mind seem to be forced to ride….sometimes we just need to stop and live.

You can be raw…but you have to try. -Sean Penn

I know this is a long one, and by no means close to anything photography which I am more commonly recognized for….but I have come to realize that people living life at the top of their goals or living when they know they don’t have much left makes you focus up real quick about what are you going to do with your remaining moments…please tell me your exact number remaing….EXACTLY…This is what my old DI would say is a Priority Check!

Maybe you (or myself) are not at a time and place when we can take off and live as full as we want at the moment….but you can find your Alaska….If you look with the right eyes.

Where are you going? How are you living? What is your legacy? Where is your Alaska?

Be a blessing, be blessed.

UNTIL THE NEXT TIME all my best wishes!

Braun….and Patton

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