Recently I had the opportunity to do some cool staff photo’s for a client and good friends of mine, Big Fish Films. It’s always great to have clients that have a cool sense of humor and open mind to try some new things.

Besides being a great group of people, everybody is extremely talented in their own areas. Over the past several projects we have really had fun building camaraderie working on various locations.

This was one of the funniest things on the shoot. This image (above) was comprised of 2 shots of Chris, 1 of him showing excellent form of a flying dragon kick. The other was an somersault gone wrong….I just turned him up. We didn’t shoot these with this image in mind. But sometimes you never know what you will get. Remember you can shoot to make interesting ingredients for larger visuals. haha.

Set Up shot below: I used 2 9 foot white paper rolls, slightly overlapped. lighting/strobist: 2 AB1600’s through large softboxes as rims for backlights on the guys. 2 Ab1600’s through large octabox’s left and right of the camera as fill to light the front of the hooligans. 2 Bare 1600’s (with reflectors) on the backdrop. crank them higher than the others so it blows out the white paper.

Since we were in town, Patton declared he would come as well. He is pretty good at keeping everybody’s spirits up

Definitely check them out if you get a chance. Amazing work.

Keep the faith!

Braun..and Patton

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