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This past month has been a one of randomness. I turned 27. I got the new Annie Leibovitz at Work for xmas….and I love…GO SNAG IT. I can’t say much other than I am very blessed! Here are a few fun shots and other cool stuff as usual.

Annie Leibovitz answers 10 questions for Time magazine. See Video Here

You all know I’ve never been much of a snob to other fact I think that with our digital age we benefit greatly of watching others. I caught this video about this guy and his amazing work and had to post it. Love his style.

Swat Team Photoshoot from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.

I’ve been a hardcore Nikon guy for years now. I grew up on them and love how their built. NOT knocking Canon or Sony at all, several hero’s of mine shoot both. I mentor of mine told me one time, “Remember we are light years away from anything Ansel Adams ever dreamed of, and he’s still the king.” I still believe that. So the long anticipated big megapixel (24) sensor came out of the closet after what seemed an eternity of myths and rumors….the Nikon D3x. (At the price of $8,000 US). And no it does not have any video function at all (compared to Canon’s new 5d mark II which is 21 mp and throws 1080p (2800. US). You would have thought somebody shot Santa on TV by the response that everybody is making. I myself am personally “surprised” by Nikon’s effort in functionality and competitive pricing… BUT after reading a blog interview with Moose Peterson I have a different take on it. Basically: though we wish it did more and cost LESS, nobody is holding a gun to our heads to buy it. If you need it and can afford it…Get it….If you can’t afford it, then don’t! That simple. Their company, their pricing…deal with it. When you get hired on at Nikon, then you might have a say that changes things, but we can’t help you…so quit whining. No Excuses…Go Shoot! Geeze. I’m gonna post this video in response to all the whiners…Have fun.

Oh! and me being the super nerd that I am. I saw this trailer and couldn’t focus on anything the rest of the movie. It’s the movie about Wolverine’s (X-men) history. enjoy!


Braun….and Patton
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