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Ok, so I’m totally sorry for leaving you so long. I’ve been on an assignment that, though I love and support the cause, I loathe the time it fully consumes. I will quit whining now. So on my 1 day off I got to shoot MORE…but for another awesome cause. The Villages TRANSFORM….Did this with about 700 photo’s from the day. Music by Mos Def (yes the actor…sick) DIRECT LINK

Transform Lewisville (June) from donovanhouse on Vimeo.

Found these 2 video’s that totally tripped me out. It really made me think about certain aspects of photography….morally, perhaps we do have a certain responsibility to our viewers. What do you think? Is our standard of beauty raised to the impossible level of flawless? Women, I can see now how stressed you are with these types of advertisements.

Short one tonite seeing as I am dog tired. will post more this week…..promise.

Don’t stop believin!

BRAUN …and Patton

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