Down, Set, ACTION


Recently I had the great honor shoot some great guys from a semi pro team. These guys were a blast and were pretty fearless whatever I asked them to do. Both Ryan and Eddie are pretty amazing athletes

For the shoot I used 3 ab1600’s. 2 bare behind the guys left and right. the other through a large octabox behind me

Besides being cool guys and brutes on the field…both of these gents are quite the contributors to society. Ryan, (old college buddy) is an aggressive financial investor. Eddie is another entrepreneur that has a couple of successful companies and also gives a huge amount to Susan G. Komen. Pretty amazing dudes.

Mucho thanks to Michael for helping wrangle the lights on a windy day. Have fun


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  • black decker toaster says:

    My my what lovely pictures you have posted here, really looks all set for some really good action.

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