Down, Set, Adios Stadium


This past week has been so odd I can’t stand it. I have been crazy sick, coughing…sweating and shivering. At the same time, I’ve been blessed with some pretty cool opportunities. First my mentor let me test drive his new Canon 5d Mark II. Ya know the one that shoots 1080p HD? I’m not known for my video expertise but this thing was pretty cool. I can see how (in the right hands) it will change the game. And where could I test such a 21+mp beast….Texas Stadium. Home of the Cowboys! Well atleast it was. My friend invited me to come along since his buddies got the green light to go play flag football on the field. So I roused myself, sniffles and all to have at the place. Truth be told… I was suprised to find the place completely filthy. Like nobody cleaned it up after the last game. “just leave it as it is, we’re gonna burn this mother down in a few weeks” I imagined some guy in a hard hat screaming at the stadium clean up crew. This is the place my father and I would dream of going on Sundays. I saw some great games played here…and this is how it will be remembered. Just wrong. It was like a ghost town, all empty and cold and filthy.

As for the camera, this thing is mean. like realllly mean. You snap a photo and the thing says, “I’m here to play ball” The dynamics are like nothing I have ever seen. Can we say detail detail detail. I’m not much of a Canon rocker….but this thing will put a smile on your face. GET IT TOGETHER NIKON…YOUR KILLING ME! I was disappointed to find that it is made of plastic. Plastic?? Like Lego plastic? Just didn’t feel like it could go 10 rounds out in anywhere too far from little johnny’s soccer field.

All in all it was a good time. I wish I would have had a little more time with the beast, at least some time that I wasn’t sniffling like a little wet cat. And now for Video Amateur hour! I was so surprised how fast it auto exposed. This doesn’t do it justice but I had to have a little fun on the way back from the store. Note the awesomeness of Billie Joel, and for those that keep phoning in….YOUR WELCOME for the french accent.

Have fun guys!

Dallas Photographer

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