Drawing the War, Voices from Eastern Congo produced by Duckrabbit


Amazing images and stories. I love photography for the power it holds to describe is incalculable.

Drawing the War from duckrabbit on Vimeo.

(Courtesy of Stephen Alvarez’s Blog)

Duckrabbit has produced a series of multimedia pieces on the Eastern Congo (website here). This particular piece is about children kidnaped by the Lords Resistance Army. As part of rehabilitation and counseling returned abductees are encouraged to draw their experiences. Eastern Congo is a hard place, suffering there is so common that it does not rate as news by the world media. The LRA in particular is a dark subject there is a reason that its leader is under indictment by the ICC.

-creative director of Duckrabbit,
“too often the photography world whirs around a sense of art and not people. Africa is the dark continent, but as I’m sure you know spend enough time there and your eyes adjust.”

Well their eyes have adjusted well. They tell the story beyond the headlines -or lack of headlines- and bring back humanity. Theses are people suffering, people with names and stories.

Bahati’s Story – Condition Critical from duckrabbit on Vimeo.

Commissioned by MSF Duckrabbit has put together fine pieces of advocacy and storytelling.

Keep Shooting.

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