This week we had some fun on the streets of Dallas. Lauren who was our fantastic model completely rocked it. We shot at 3 locations around town and as always I love to have some buddies that like to shoot with me. Michael Hawkins rolled with, and so did Gerry who is a new pal…and now much valued one. This guy was great. I was blessed to have such great company. Crazy Blessed. For the first location we used a Ab1600 through a strip box behind the model, camera right. Also used a Ab1600 through a giant Photek diffuser.

For this Michael jumped on the Dart train with a Ab1600 with a umbrella and opened it up inside…we almost lost him. I think the conductor(?) caught on. Hater. Good job Michael!

…and we made a new friend.

The next location was downtown on Elm Street….literally. I felt like Wayne’s World. …CARRRRR!! GAME ONNNN!! Once it was clear, we charged the street like a 60’s civil right’s march…with style.

The last location we did I have to give mad props to Gerry for finding this one for us. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the Dallas Helipad is public property….and has a great view. NICE ONE GERRY!

The Man himself, Gerry.

Mucho thanks to:
-Lauren, for being patient, wicked fun, and beautiful…not to mention some mad Hair Flipping skills.
Michael, for your intense model directions, lighting wisdom, mobile light stand moves, and awesome behind the scenes shots
Gerry, for your mad muscles that intimidate the craziest “locals”, fun attitude the whole time, and mad location skills, eagerness to help, and your sweet BTS shots too.
-GOD, for giving us a beautiful 70 degree day in between two 30 degree days! and for awesome people in my life.

Have a great 2009!

Have fun! Crazy blessed,

Dallas Based Photographer

Your’s truly by Michael.

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