I recently made the choice to invest in some serious lighting and have at the high end portrait/fashion world of photography. It was just that time in my career that I wanted/needed to invest in more equipment to go bigger and farther. So I dropped my savings into lights and more gear you can carry on your own back…(and a few others too) and jumped with faith as my only assurance. If your one of us US and A’ers (and self employed to add to the fun) you’ve probably been loving the good news of how our economy just got dropped in the toilet…seems we are just awaiting the big flush. These days more is at stake, but you can’t live in fear right?

This shoot was a lot of fun. Natalie, the model, was a great sport and did a superb job…clearly. I had left my iphone in the camera bag a little inland because I didn’t want to get it wet sloshing around in the water. My good friend Chris turned on his master tracker skills and somehow found us at our secluded beach to help with the shoot. How I don’t know. Maybe it’s time to switch deodorants again. Both of these peeps are rock stars! Thank you so much for making this shoot successful!

With so much information being available and great fashion shooters like Nigel Barker and others, the bar is set high to make something beautiful. Fashion (to me) is the imagination to involve style and art into everyday life. Others I’m sure have different opinions and definitions… Which is one reason why this world is so amazing.

My next blog I will go into my decision on which lights I went with and why.

Let me know what you think?

Have fun

Dallas Based Photographer

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