When I started this go around the trolly, I never really wanted it to be about me. What fun would that be really? But in order to serve you brilliant individuals fully, I have tried to include the tidbits I run into day in and day out. Lately I’ve really been into fashion. This being said is some kind of miracle because I’ve never had much tolerance for things that you couldn’t wear for 30 years. A good pair of jeans, boots that get better the more you wear them, a leather jacket…a good suit. these things are iconic and will not be questioned…ever. So it’s hard to see myself looking at fashion. Its in now, and gone the next week. But I suppose the appeal is that I stopped looking at them as duds that people blow endless money on, but more as art that is to be worn.

Art like photography has influences, and itself can even mark history. The attitude and ideals of that culture in time. Those that know me well know I am pretty open minded, and you also know I get bored rather easily. My interest in fashion has captivated my attention lately, and for right now….I connect with the great fashion photographers. Maybe it’s just their approach to communicating art, attitude, and life that grabs me like a kid window shopping at christmas.

OK, So I found these and have been running through them like a school boy thats been sick from school for a semester…trying to catch up. Rankin is one of those photographers with whom people seem to have a love hate relationship. Well for his latest endeavor Rankin has turned his lens to recreating the seven (in his opinion) photographs that changed fashion and brought a camera crew along to film the process.

Have fun

Dallas Based Photographer

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