Flying and Inspiration


Recently I was blessed to do a shoot from a helicopter…..Little known fact….I LOVE FLYING, and if I can get behind the Yoke or Stick (Aviation for steering wheel) I’m totally game! –

To try and be original is the ultimate priority (most of the time) for photographer’s. So imagine how hard that is when your stuck in the same place as every other shooter in a flying contraption.

Thanks Bill, amazing pilot!

Nascar Heaven

Just Me…A buddy’s comment about this photo made me laugh, said I looked like Chase Jarvis…one of my photography hero’s

Had to include this rad commercial from Lacoste. Can’t wait for this gear to come out! (NOTE the sweet LCD on the soles of the shoes…WHAT!!!)

QUESTION: What inspire’s you creatively. For me…I would say it’s about 50-50% (probably less) of the time between actual photography and other forms of life…videos, architecture, movies, illustrations, car designs, machines…..WHAT INSPIRES YOU?


OK before you go tearing off into his cool video’s. Props first…I have learned so much from this guy (never met before…but totally down if your reading CJ), from tech’s and spec’s of gear, to business, to philosophy and approach of concept. This guy rocks.

Have fun
…and Patton

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